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Ever wanted to visit the TARDIS?

14th August 2013

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Ever wanted to visit the TARDIS?

It's your lucky day - the infamous blue police telephone box has been spotted outside Earl's Court Station in Central London.

All you have to do is simply click here. You will then be taken to a street view of Earl's Court Road (below) - then all that is left is to click the double arrows and enter the mystical world of the TARDIS.











Once inside you can explore the features of the TARDIS and even see the heart of the TARDIS...











The TARDIS has received mixed reviews since its opening. Visitor Zoe Packel, who awarded the venue five stars, commented: "It's bigger on the inside! Fantastic stay! The swimming pool was very relaxing, and sometimes, while I was falling asleep I got the sensation that I was moving! There was a bit of disturbance sometimes with kind of a whirring noise, but it was well worth it! The landlord was a strange man, he would talk to himself and shout things at the most random times. Still, his stories were very entertaining, a bit fanciful but fun to listen to! Even though I only spent 2 days there, it feels like SO much longer, I wonder why that is..."

However, Matt Carey was less enthusiastic. Whilst awarding just two stars, he wrote: "Terrible stay. Constantly got lost on the way to my room. Even though it was just me the landlord insisted on me having bunk beds. Speaking of the landlord, he was very odd, wouldn't give me his name, just insisted on me calling him The Doctor (Doctor Who?!?). When I did try to sleep, the hotel would rattle and make a weird noise, intermittently interrupted by 'The Doctor' yelling excitedly. When I asked him what the hell the noise was about, he just replied 'ohhh, you know, spacey-wacey'. Meals were....strange, when I asked for beans on toast, he looked at me puzzled and said that all he had was fish fingers and custard! Together! Would not stay again."

Following the recent news of Matt Smith's replacement, Peter Capaldi, as the twelfth incarnation as the Doctor, this is sure to fire the millions of avid Doctor Who fans with excitement.

If you are one such fan and would like to step inside the TARDIS, you can do so via the link above - or otherwise just nip doiwn to Earl's Court Road, SW5, where you'll find it waiting for you outside Pret. Maybe. 

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