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Tech Review: mophie juice pack air - iPhone 5

21st June 2013

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The mophie juice pack air is an excellent way to not only protect your iPhone, but also to recharge it on the go.

I’ll start with the aesthetics. The case looks very cool, particularly in the metallic red that I have it in. It is very strong too, because in the two months I have had it, not one single scratch has appeared.

The best thing about the case is the fact you can charge your phone whilst on the go with a simple flick of a switch. When I first heard the manufacturer’s claim that it will give your iPhone 5 an additional 100% extra battery life I admit I was initially dubious, partly because the battery part was so small. However, having tested it from dead several times, I can indeed confirm that mophie are spot on with their claim.

In short, I absolutely love the device. The only thing I would say is that £60 to £70 would be a fairer price because £89.95 is perhaps a little steep. Having said that, with the speed in which the iPhone 5 runs out of battery, maybe you can’t put a price on the extra 100%!

mophie juice packs are available for products including iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3, 3S, iPod Touch, iPod and various other smartphone devices.

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