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The final three that SHOULD have been on The Great British Bake Off


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Can you believe its been ten weeks since we were blessed with the first episode of this series of The Great British Bake Off? As the future of the show still hangs somewhat in the balance, for the last time as we know and have come to love it - it’s final time. 

We’ve had the classics – weeks devoted entirely to desserts, cakes, patisserie and pastry. We’ve had the new – Batter Week, Botanical Week and Tudor Week. And we’ve had the familiar, as the quartet of Mel, Sue, Paul and the wonderful Mary Berry have graced our screens en masse for the last time. But perhaps more importantly, we’ve had 12 new wonderful contestants. 

They came from all over the UK to battle for glory in the most iconic tent in the nation. But as Jane, Candice and Andrew are primed for the final, here at The National Student, we spare a thought for the final three that could – and should – have been.

3rd place – Rav 

Remembered for: His blending of South-East Asian flavours with British recipes and his poor technical challenge record.

Last seen: Week 6 – Botanical Week

Why he should have made the final:

Rav is a sweetheart. He was one of the nicest contestants the show had ever seen, making everything better with a sweet little smile and a giggle, even in the face of impending baking doom. It was this that made him such a great watch on the show, as did his chemistry with Mel and Sue. Him and Sue got on like a house on fire and Rav always let his personality shine through when joking with them. Not everything was about the bake in front of him, and we felt like we really got to know the criminology graduate.

Baking wise, he may not have been the most polished or accomplished but he was definitely one of the most original in terms of worldy influence and his vegan background. His addition of Asian flavours to traditional British dishes gave them some much needed flavour. Rav became truly representative of the way in which multiculturalism has allowed cuisines to merge and develop – his Chai Spiced Victoria Sponge, or Chilli Paneer Quiche are perfect examples of this. 

What's next?

Fans can rejoice – Rav recently tweeted about spending some time at the BBC, leading many to hope that he’ll make his way to our screens again soon.

In the meantime, check out his social media for constant updates on his baking adventures. And any students at City, University of London – keep your eyes peeled. You may be lucky to bump into him on your way to lectures.


2nd place – Val 

Remembered for: her heart-breaking exit speech and her peculiar (but endearing) baking habits.

Last seen: Week 5: Pastry week. 

Why she should have made the final:

Oh, Val. She encapsulates everything the Bake Off is about – people with a genuine love of baking. She became a grandma to an entire nation overnight. She is, in short, adorable, with a complete heart of gold.

Some critics may suggest that Val didn’t deserve to be in the final at all – shame on you. She became one of the best candidates the show has ever seen, even if her bakes never quite lived up to expectations. Be that as it may, though she suffered from more soggy bottoms than any other candidate this series, Val made her bakes her own. Clearly accustomed to the classics, we salute her attempts to make them slightly more eccentric and personal – or, in her words, a “disaster”.

Even when she forgot half the instructions for her ill-fated technical challenge and feared that the entire region of Yorkshire would banish her and her blood-line during Batter Week, Val was a baker who baked for no one but her, and we salute her for that.

Her exit speech has become one of the show’s most iconic moments. Viewers cried along with her as she made her premature farewell. Her words will become lore for all future bakers of the nation, and we reckon its only a matter of time before Val worship becomes the next big religious fad. “You make it with love…whenever I make anything, I stir love into it, I knead love into it, so when I present it, it’s special.” Be still my bleeding heart.

What next?

Who will ever be able to forget Val mixing aerobics with baking? Maybe an exercise DVD is on the way, teaching us all how best to utilise household objects in our quest to get buff. Meanwhile, I’ll be hoping to bump into her at my next family gathering.


1st place – Selasi

Remembered for: being the most chilled and coolest contestant to ever appear on Bake Off

Last seen: Week 9 – Patisserie Week

Why he should have made the final: 

Where do we begin? Selasi quickly became the fan favourite of this year’s GBBO, taking over the internet in no time at all. Finance worker turned baker, he defined the show’s media presence and for sites like Buzzfeed, provided a plethora of content that allowed his army of adorers to only intensify their obsessions. And they’re not crazy for doing so.

If we had to narrow it down, Selasi is effortlessly cool. Chill throughout 99% of his time on Bake Off, his cheeky smile when faced with criticism and doubts made our hearts a-flutter. Even on his last show, his frown was easily upturned through his hilarious interactions with Sue. She was possibly his biggest fan, and their chat throughout the series provided some great entertainment. Selasi and Benjamina also became ultimate friendship goals – their support for each other was endearing, and he even referred to her as his sister – awhhh.

Cruelly robbed of Star Baker for nine weeks, Selasi’s bakes were infamous for their spice, be that too much or none at all. Not a man to do things by halves, Selasi was definitely one who went hard – even if he still had to go home.

What next:

An avid biker, the logical solution is a show dedicated to Selasi’s biking and baking adventures. Expect amazing Instagrams of his creations on the road, and snaps of him and his fellow bakers living it up across the country as he makes his way to them. Or, if rumours are to be believed, he could be opening his own bakery in West London!

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for an invite to his viewing party this week!


The Great British Bake Off: The Final will broadcast on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesday 26th October.


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