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It Is What It Is: Love Island Recap, Week 2


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We break down the antics in the villa day-by-day, so you don't have to.

Image Credit: ITV2

FRIDAY – 07/06/19 

Molly-Mae asks Tommy and Curtis on dates. Tommy had told Lucie that neither two Beyonces nor a Rihanna could turn his head, but apparently Molly-Mae from Manchester can. Curtis, ever the angel, bluntly but politely tells Molly-Mae that she’s in the friend zone. After the date, Amy describes him as a good egg, and honestly, truer words have never been spoken. 

The next day, the recoupling is announced along with the fact that the boy not in a coupling will be getting dumped from the island. An unfamiliar voice shouts, “I love you, Amber!” and the nation stares in confusion and shock at their screens. Callum has spoken. Not only spoken but made a whole joke. 

Before the cowboy challenge, Yewande unhinges her jaw, throws her head back and shrieks, “I’VE GOT A TEEEXT!” She’s the first Islander to say the phrase properly all season and we couldn’t be more grateful. The cowboy challenge is A Mess and Callum continues to be a meme. Why have the producers been hiding this comedy king? 

The recoupling comes and to no one’s surprise, Callum is dumped from the island - which is tragic as he was only just starting to shine like the star he is. Lucie couples up with Joe and Molly-Mae couples up with Tommy, FINALLY putting an end to the love triangle. We hate shapes, too.

SUNDAY – 09/06/19

The gang are all having a couple’s brunch – we see Anton teaching Amber about laughter therapy in one corner and Michael and Yewande discussing their degrees and putting us all to shame with the level of intellect shared between the pair of them.

Tommy tries to impress Molly-Mae by making her tea, only for him to realise that he doesn’t actually know how to make tea. I genuinely don’t know how Tommy has managed to survive 20 years on this planet. 

And, after a week in the villa, Yewande finally is asked on a date by Danny, a new arrival. Get your man, sis.

MONDAY – 10/06/19

Yewande goes on her date and she SNAPPED with her look. The date is really cute and everyone is rooting for them. She’s falling for Danny and finally getting the airtime that she deserves. 

Amber is picked to go on a date with Danny too, but it just isn’t on the same level as the date with Yewande. In true Amber fashion, she makes him sweat a little and has no issue with bluntness. Why does she keep telling men that they look old? Is that like part of her graft? Confused.

Danny meets the rest of the villa, and Molly-Mae decides that Danny is very much her type – along with Tommy and Anton, of course. The other islanders all band around Yewande, treating her like the queen she is, and are determined for her and Danny to fall in love.

Amber and Michael win most unexpected couple but honestly, I don’t hate it. She makes him bolder and he makes her gentler – it’s Shakespearean. They’re also one of the best looking pairings we’ve ever seen on the show.

TUESDAY – 11/06/19

Michael and Amber are getting closer, and after he is (temporarily) denied a kiss, Michael hits out with the line of the season. Tattoo “she pied me, I feel like Anton” across my forehead, please.

Curtis and Amy are given a night in the hideaway, so Amy breaks out her sexy PJs and is looking fab. However, there were no sexy times on the horizon and instead, we get a blushing Curtis asking Amy to be his “half girlfriend”, making them the first exclusive couple in the villa! Not for long though.

Lucie and Joe go on a paddle-boarding date. Joe manages to keep in any declarations of love, but the pair make their relationship exclusive too. Not the best timing but: it is what it is

Sherif has left the villa but we aren’t given an explanation, so naturally, Twitter is rife with theories and fake DMs. Did he break Anton’s arm? Did he sneak his phone in? Or was he caught doing something that should be kept private in the hot tub? Will we ever know?

WEDNESDAY – 12/06/19

Anton tries to make another move on Anna. I want to say he’s trying to flatter her, but it’s actually hard to tell. He basically spends the whole conversation telling her how much he fancies Molly-Mae but how Anna is nicer and has a better personality – but Molly-Mae is his type on paper.

Anna is left feeling kind of confused and put-out so Michael and Amber decide to have words with Anton. It was like watching a child getting told off at parents night – Anton had no clue what he had said wrong and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so genuinely confused. The similarities between him and Jay from The Inbetweeners grow stronger and stronger every day. 

Two new girls, Elma and Maura, come into the villa and get to have three boys each cook them dinner. The original girls watch in horror from the roof terrace as the boys they fancy prepare to wine and dine other girls. Nothing was, or ever will be, as horrifying as Tommy’s “starter” for Maura – a cold slice of bread and cheese, topped with tomato sauce and mayo.

While this would have left most girls running for the hills, Maura was unfazed and instead spent most of the meal talking about all the things she would let Tommy do to her.

THURSDAY – 13/06/19

We see the rest of the dates, but it’s quite clear that Maura has her sights set on Tommy. After meeting the other islanders, Tommy and Maura go away to have a chat and Maura is wearing Molly-Mae’s jacket as she flirts. I’ve never seen someone with so much chaotic energy in my life.

Molly-Mae and Tommy have a massive argument about their future and Maura in the bedroom, and of course Curtis comes rushing in to break it up, all dressed in white and looking like an actual angel.

Molly-Mae complains about the situation to the other islanders, only to be shut down by ANTON of all people, who calls her out and says that Tommy can keep his options open seeing as that’s what she was doing until she was faced with the prospect of losing Tommy. (Also, take a shot every time someone says categorically in this episode.)

The level of Maura’s IDGAF-ness is actually terrifying, and she semi-jokingly asks Tommy if he wants to share a bed with her right in front of Molly-Mae. I’m genuinely scared of her, but, also impressed.

FRIDAY – 14/06/19

Maura’s chaotic energy reaches a peak. She makes it pretty clear to the girls that she has zero interest in making friends, and is committed to becoming Mrs Tommy Fury. At this point, she’s more scary than funny. She’s verging on sexually harassing Tommy after trying to force a kiss on him. The whole of the UK has converted to Team Molly-Mae overnight. Get Maura out.

ANTON MAY FINALLY FIND LOVE. Elma likes him and honestly, I think we all went on a journey with Anton. At first, we hated him then realised that he’s actually just daft and a lot unluckier in love than he lets on. Hope it works out.

The boys are on a spa day, which is a really cute bonding opportunity, and seeing the boys in facemasks was very wholesome. However, it felt like the producers really just wanted Saint Curtis out of the way to see if any drama would kick off with no one there to fix it. 

The Lucie vs Amy (and the other girls) saga continues, as Amy feels that Lucie was avoiding them after the boys left. It’s turned into a whole uninteresting and over-complicated drama and honestly, it’s time to move on. It’s part Amy’s overreacting and part Lucie’s misunderstanding. Please make up and move on.

Yewande and Danny FINALLY kiss! Amber and Michael are the biggest mood, cheering them on with the rest of the nation. They are truly the two power couples of the villa. If we don’t see a double date, there will be rioting in the streets.

Lead image Credit: ITV2


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