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Stranger Things - trailer suggests season 3 will be the best yet


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The new trailer for the highly anticipated third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things brings back all the kids you know and love, on the scariest summer vacation ever.


Image credit: Netflix

After months of waiting, Netflix has finally released a full-length trailer for the hugely popular limited series. After a wild second season, things seem to be going alright for the kids of Hawkins, and the trailer gives us a look at all of the kids we know and love from the AV club: Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven, who has even grown out her hair!


We see them having fun and getting into all kinds of mischief and misadventures, as they always have. For just a very brief moment everything seems like it'll be okay, and these kids will get to enjoy their summer without the threat of disaster hanging over them... but then, this is Stranger Things and nothing is safe forever.


In addition to all the scary monsters from last season, we get a glimpse of something horrible: a mutated Demogorgon of sorts. We also get the chance to see Eleven in the upside down, and whether she is trying to find her way out, or fight this possible monster, we have no idea. We also get a glimpse of Cary Elwes as Mayor Kline, announcing the grand opening of the new Starcourt Mall.


In addition to our favourite kids of Hawkins, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of the rest of the cast, including Billy in his new summer job as a lifeguard, Nancy and Jonathan looking incredibly solemn, Joyce, and our favourite officer, Hopper, as well as everybody's favourite ex-boyfriend Steve Harrington.

It is sure to be an action-packed season, and the trailer has only made us more excited for all the mind-blowing events that are sure to come.

Strangers Things will be released on Netflix on 4th July, 2019.

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