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TV Review: Riverdale (Season 3, Episode 14)


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This week's episode, "Fire Walk With Me", definitely took itself very literally, with both literal and metaphorical fires starting all over Riverdale. Much like last week it was largely a set-up episode, but there were several exciting twists that are definitely leading for an explosive end to the season.

riverdale 3x14

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We ended last week's episode with Alice deciding to sell the Cooper family home, and it seems like she's going full steam ahead on that plan. Betty is there to sabotage her at every corner however, cheerfully popping up to tell the prospective buyers that her mother (who has been presenting herself as Alice Smith) is really married to a serial killer, and offers heartwarming anecdotes about said father, who used to live right there, in the "Murder House on Elm Street" as she describes it.

Meanwhile, at school, the newly formed Pretty Poisons get into a brawl with the "Farmies" and the Gargoyles after they find out that they've triple booked a classroom for their group meetings. Seems like a bit of an overreaction for a simple misunderstanding.

Archie, who has now become janitor at the gym in order to pay his dues, discovers a little boy hiding out there. The boy, who introduces himself as Ricky, has apparently run away from a children's centre after being branded with the sacrifice symbol - the same one that Archie has. Now there's clearly something fishy about this, but Archie being Archie, doesn't notice and cheerfully invites the boy to stay in his garage for the night... leading to some sort of intrigue re the Gargoyle King. 

Kevin has now become truly sucked into the Farm life, and Betty is incredibly worried about him (which let's be honest, is fair - they did nearly kill her mum last week), so she follows him to Fox Forest, where she finds him walking over hot coals, supervised by Evelyn. Cue a little bit of blackmail, designed to keep Betty quiet.

Archie teams up with Jughead to find Ricky, and an ensuing heart-to-heart between Fred and his son is probably the most heartbreaking moment of this week's episode - especially given that Luke Perry died of a stroke recently, and thus knowing Archie will be losing his dad sometime in the near future. 

Meanwhile, Veronica's game-playing with Hiram and Gladys continues throughout this episode, with mixed results.

The episiode ends with high drama at the "Murder House on Elm Street". It will be interesting to see how this all goes down next week.

Riverdale Season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix, with new episodes every Thursday. 

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