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TV Review: Suits (Season 8)


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This season of Suits was very much a transition for the show, with lead actors Patrick J Adams &  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex leaving at the end of Season 7, this season was the first without the show's main couple and many were apprehensive about the cast changes, including the addition of Katherine Heigl to the cast. 

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It was a little weird at first, coming into Suits Season 8 knowing that Mike and Rachel were no longer going to be there, but it actually didn't take as long to settle into the new show as I thought. Harvey, Donna & Louis are still there, so in that respect, nothing has changed and with the exit of Mike and Rachel, it allowed characters like Alex, Robert and Katrina more screentime, as well as introducing a new character, Samantha Wheeler. It really felt like a fresh start for the show, which it desperately needed, after rehashing the same formula every single year revolving around whether Mike would get caught practising law without a license.

I was actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed Samantha Wheeler. I don't always like Katherine Heigl, she tends to play very similar characters in whatever she's in, but I actually enjoyed her more than I thought I would in this, Samantha really shakes things up at Zane-Specter-Litt & it was nice having a different personality around the office, plus it was interesting to see how she integrated in with the rest of the firm, with her eventual friendship with Louis being a surprising highlight. 

I loved watching Katrina's journey this season, she's been kind of in the background over the last few years, but as a main cast member this season she finally comes the forefront and it was great to watch her grow into her role as senior partner, & especially lovely to see her and Louis' blossoming mentor/mentee relationship. A large part of her storyline this year is a blossoming friendship with her associate Brian. I was actually quite excited for this story, it was nice to see Katrina opening up to someone and they actually had a really sweet friendship but of course Suits had to turn it romantic, and since Brian is married, the whole thing ended with Brian quitting the firm. This kind of frustrated me, because there was so much potential for a good, platonic friendship between Brian and Katrina and the romantic aspect kind of ruined that. 

The major storyline for the first half of the season is Samantha and Alex playing off against each other for name partner, which is intriguing drama whilst it's happening, but the conclusion is somewhat limp, both end up getting name partner which seemed like a cop-out, not to mention, it's ridiculous that the firm now has five name partners, Zane-Specter-Litt-Williams-Wheeler, I don't know much about law firms but that name definitely doesn't roll off the tongue!

The new opening credits are brilliant, especially including all the firm's prior names at the end, because honestly, they've been through so many name changes at this point, I find it very hard to keep track. 

Louis's storyline this year mostly revolves around his impending fatherhood, as he and Sheila try for a baby. This leads to a lot of interesting personal growth for Louis and we get to see him with his therapist Dr Lipschitz a lot which I loved, because their relationship is lovely and it's great to see a man on TV really working through his feelings (which Suits has done with both Harvey and Louis) and showing therapy as a valid option. Harvey and Louis' relationship also goes through a lot of evolution this season, and it's amazing to see how far the two of them have come in eight years. Sheila surprisingly is not actually in all that many episodes this season, but the few that they are together, they are very sweet and it's lovely to watch them preparing for their baby together. 

There are a ridiculous number of shakeups for managing partner this year, it starts with Harvey and Robert battling it out against each other (with Zane winning) and then Louis takes over when the Samantha/Alex standoff pits Harvey and Robert against each other. It was nice to see Louis finally taking charge and having his turn in the spotlight, but I have to admit, that the way there was a bit convoluted! 

Samantha and Robert's father/daughter like relationship was also an unexpected highlight of the series, I actually ended up loving Robert way more than I thought I would, we get to see a softer side of him through this series and he actually ends up fitting into Zane-Specter-Litt etc really well, helping both Louis and Harvey out of numerous tight spots over the course of the season.

Donna's main storyline comes towards the end of the season when she starts dating the firm's client Thomas Kessler, obviously, she's involved sticking her nose into everyone else's business but she actually gets her own storyline with the introduction of Thomas. This naturally causes some problems with Harvey, who is so obviously still in love with her and eventually lands the firm in hot water when Donna breaks privilege in a case involving Thomas. It would be spoiler-y to say how everything goes down afterwards, but let's just say the finale is explosive. 

Overall, the eighth season was a refreshing reset for Suits, it was starting to feel a little stuck around season 6/7 as there wasn't much more left to be mined with the Mike/Rachel storyline, so actually, the two of them leaving has given the show a new lease of life, as it's allowed other characters' storylines to come to the fore, which was brilliant to see and I'm looking forward to seeing how the show wraps up its ninth and final season when it returns. 

Suits is available to watch on Netflix now.

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