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Harry McEntire and Toby Regbo on sexual freedom and the migrant crisis


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It is important for rising young actors to use their platform and represent underrepresented minorities. Both Harry McEntire and Toby Regbo have used their voices to show support for refugees and the LGBTQ+ community.

Harry, who plays Aethelwold in The Last Kingdom, spoke about his role in Homos, Or Everyone in America which apparently was shown in Finborough Theatre to a small audience. 

“It is a frank and unapologetic look at two people who love one another very much and in many ways, that is familiar to so many relationships,” he says.  

He continues, “I believe in sexual freedom in the sense that I don't get to dictate anyone’s ability to love, conscientiously give and receive affection or love or whatever they need to receive.” 

The British actor is hopeful that we are moving more and more towards equality and believes there is a public appetite like never before. 

But should public appetite even be relevant? He raised an interesting question of whether or not we should have referendums on gay marriage: It should just be a given surely.” 

His co-star Toby Regbo, who plays Aethelred, is another example of a young rising British actor who is using his voice to support people in need and charities. After attending the opening of the Choose Love store this summer, Toby talks about the importance of these events and the charities behind them who are working on making our society a better one. 



HELP Refugees and Say it Loud are two charities supported by the actor who says, “There are two really, really great charities: HELP refugees which was started by some friends of mine. [It] started as a Facebook group for one van of clothes to go down to Cali and it has now snowboarded into one of the biggest charities in the country.” 

The charity now supports 80 different smaller charities in 10 different countries to stand as the frontline support for the migrant crisis.  

HELP Refugees teamed up with Say It Loud, a charity which was started by somebody who was tortured for being gay in Uganda but managed to escape. “He tried to claim asylum on sexual grounds saying ‘I can’t go back to my country because I’m going to be killed for being gay’ and then they said ‘well just stop being gay then.’”

This individual was rejected by the Home Office and he has revealed that about three quarters of applications for asylum on sexual grounds get rejected. 

“He started this support group to try and help people in the same situation; coming from a conservative place like that, it is even difficult to admit things like that.”

It is incredible that Harry and Toby have already achieved so much in their careers and use their platforms to support underrepresented communities.

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