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Q&A with the cast of Shadowhunters @ MCM London


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At last weekend's MCM Comic Con in London, the cast of Freeform's fan-favourite show Shadowhunters dished the dirt on filming their final season, and how they reacted to the online campaign #SaveShadowhunters.

When Freeform cancelled Shadowhunters earlier this year, fans met the news with an extrordinary energy that wowed the cast of the show. Emeraude Toubia, who plays Isabelle Lightwood, said of the fan response: "the fans are just so amazing; they keep surprising us. Everything we have is because of them, and we're so grateful." Alberto Rosende, who plays Simon Lewis, added: "you guys were here before we were; it's your mythology, your world. It's going to be here after we're gone, it's going to live on with you guys." 

After an emotional start to the panel, talk soon moved onto to backstage antics, with moderator Tanavi Patel asking the cast about the sets they would miss the most now that filming had wrapped on season 3b. Alberto surprised none of his fellow cast when he chimed in with his nostalgia for Simon's bedroom, and how he'd miss all the gadgets and gizmos it was fitted out with. Jade Hassoune, who plays Meliorne, argued the case for the seelie court set: "[it's] just beautiful. There's a scene in the new season, and it's going to be like a painting."

Emeraude talked of the post-cancellation process, and how the cast weren't given time to mourn the sets before they were removed. "The Jade Wolf has been there since the start, and we couldn't even see it after we heard it got cancelled - they just started pulling it down." Alberto added: "basically, we're going to miss all our sets."

Though wary of spoilers, the cast were asked about the tone of season 3b, and what it had in store for fans. Jade responded to the moderator directly, stating: "Is it darker? Yeah, definitely." "What I love about it is that it takes everything you know and flips it on its head," Katherine continued. "Clary will never be the same after the events of the finale... and this season will show characters going against their nature to prepare for the greater battle."

Jade Hassoune continued discussing the new season: "in 3b a lot of stuff comes full circle. That's why I keep telling fans they'll be satisfied. In the past, things haven't really been developed, but as they knew they had to wrap things up everything's come back." In regards to his character, the actor stated: "I feel like in every kind of show or film, the elves get the short end of the stick. They're always really elusive... This season, Meliorn finally gets to play. I was so happy about that - I just want to join the Scooby gang!"

The biggest thing to take away from this panel was just how much the cast love their fans, and each other. Chai Hansen, who plays werewolf Jordan Kyle on the show, stressed how much he enjoyed working with Alberto Rosende on set: "I love Alberto so much, and he's such a giving actor; and with that, the chemistry's so real we have the most fun," the actor said of his co-star. In a press interview after the panel, Katherine spoke passionately about the fan community: "the way the world is, people are so divided - to have people from across the world come together over this one thing, it's really cool."

Season 3b of Shadowhunters will premier in Spring of next year.

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