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Q&A with the cast of The Last Kingdom


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In a recent Q&A panel at the MCM Comic Con London, the cast of The Last Kingdom talks about the third season and what to expect. 

The trailer, which Netflix released this weekend, looks at what made England what is it today: kings were made and kings died or in this case, kings will be made and kings will die. The series explores how the land we live on was ruled by different tribes of Anglo-Saxons and Danes who fight to make the land their own. 

Source: The Last Kingdom/ Twitter

It is King Alfred and Uhtred that remain at the heart of the series and it is expected to see their relationship unfold in many ways. “In the start of season three, you see them together but not for very long” David Dawson who plays Alfred says. He continues “together they are an unstoppable team, very quickly that will go wrong and we will see a lot of bumps in the road.” 

From the trailer, it is clear that Skade, who is played by Thea Sofie Loch Naess, will have an influence on Uhtred and his feelings towards Alfred. We see Uhtred still fighting to make Alfred’s dream of an England come true but we also see Uhtred’s knife resting on Alfred’s neck after kicking him on the ground.

David adds “I think the audience wants to see them both come together by the end of season 3” and I think I might just take that as a hint. So fear not, Alfred and Uhtred lovers.

If you watch very closely, you can also see in the trailer that Uhtred will go on a rollercoaster of emotions. Alexander Dreymon who plays Uhtred expresses “he goes through a very very painful and emotional place and had to dig himself out of that little by little and the way he does it is not always, it is a little bit controversial sometimes, obviously, which fits his character.” 

Uhtred’s controversy is no surprise to viewers who have followed him in season 1 and 2 but a character to look out for this season is Skade. She is a witch who has the ability to foresee the future and sees the death of a king and with him, his kingdom. Her visions could change the fate of both Alfred and Uhtred. Millie Brady who plays Aethelflaed says “She is definitely a big favourite. She’s just my favourite baddie. She’s great.” Stephen adds“I think she is yes, this young woman who holds power among those great warriors.” The screenwriter continues “they all want to be Skade’s boyfriend.” 

Millie also talks about her character “from this season, we next see a lot of her coming into her status as a warrior and yeah a lot more fighting.” We don’t get to see much of Aethelflaed in the trailer but she sure is putting her toxic marriage with Aethelred behind her and rides to fight another day. We see her riding alongside Saxon warriors to fight the Danes at the beginning of the season. And who knows, maybe throughout. 

Following that, Alexander is asked about the most challenging scene of this season, and he teases “I know exactly what scene that is but they’ll kill me if I talk about it. It’s in the last episode, episode 10 and I can tell you this much, it happens against a tree.” 

All challenging scenes do, am I right? 

We will have to wait and watch when all 10 episodes of season 3 drop November 19. 

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