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The British Arrows Awards sets the standard for diverse advertising


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For the first time, The British Arrows Awards have appointed a higher ratio of female to male jurors to their coveted CRAFT panel.

The UK has one of the more diverse populations in Europe and, although the adverts shown to the public are increasingly representing that diversity, the companies who produce them, sadly, are not.

It’s easy for agencies, and the advertising industry, as a whole, to acknowledge the need for diversity in board meetings or with posters around the office, but it’s another thing to act on it. In that regard, British Arrows is setting a shining example for the advertising world by walking the walk, focusing solely on the talents and achievements of their panel. The result is a bold statement about the women in advertising who shine as masters of their craft.


British Arrows Awards

Image courtesy of British Arrows

The British Arrows Awards have traditionally been broken up into two different shows, one celebrating the best ideas of the year and the other celebrating the best productions. That changed when they recently decided to combine the two for an all-encompassing event with terrific synergy. As Chairman of the Board Charlie Crompton puts it “Any great piece of work is a magical combination of idea and craft, so it seemed perfectly natural for us to combine our two shows.”

This newer format should be more entertaining, but also accentuate the crucial and often downplayed process between concept and final product.

With an eclectic mix of high-tech exhibitions, riveting public service announcements and quirky British comedy, The British Arrows Awards is a spectacle well worth attending. While highlighting the industry’s best talents and creative works is sure to impact the direction of the advertising market, the statements and decisions made by British Arrows behind the scenes will hopefully reverberate throughout the industry just as strongly.

The British Arrows Awards returns to the Walker Art Center in Minnesota on November 30th to commemorate the year’s greatest ideas and productions in British advertising.

For more information about the event visit British Arrows. Tickets are now on sale at the Walker Art Center.

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