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TV Review: Killjoys (Season 4)


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The hit Canadian sci-fi show has just wrapped up its fourth and penultimate series, and that cliffhanger will certainly keep us guessing til next season!

The season kicked off strong, with Dutch and Aneela, played dually by the incomparable Hannah John-Kamen, in the green, trying to take on The Lady — a third character for HJK to take on!

At this rate, she’ll be rivalling Tatiana Maslany for number of roles in the same TV show. John-Kamen never falters, though — her mannerisms and accents holding fast. The physicality of Dutch and Aneela are so different that it’s impossible to forget which one you’re watching — but if you get confused just, check their hairstyles.

As intense of a cliffhanger that season 3 left us on, Dutch hops out of the greenspace pretty quick, and with not much achieved. The far more entertaining portions of those early episodes are Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), D’av (Luke MacFarlane) and Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen)’s weird murderous family banter. 

Banter and badassery aside, though — the heart of the show has always been Dutch and Johnny’s friendship, and this season really leans into that. We finally get to see their first meeting, and it does not disappoint. The two of them are anchors for each other throughout the season, so it’s lucky that D’av has something else to focus on: namely his, Delle Seyah, and Aneela’s baby.

A fair few things this season are resolved perhaps too quickly — escaping the green, Johnny’s Hullen-ness, and the baby’s accelerated growth leaving him a teenager within one episode. It seems like a bit of a cop-out in each case where the build up has been so massive that the pay-off doesn’t match up. These mini-plots are sped through to race towards the finale… which has nothing on last year’s finale!

Season three’s final episode felt like an explosive climax of all the events of the season, whereas this finale felt more like a stepping stone on the way to next season.

That being said, there were plenty of entertaining shenanigans on the way, as well as some pretty big emotional moments. The heist episode really allowed the comedic genius to shine through, while Dutch coming to terms with her abusive childhood takes the cake for one of the most moving moments of the show.

The second tier characters are quite a mixed bag this time around, with Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox) at the entertaining end of the scale, and Zeph (Kelly McCormack) and Pip (Atticus Mitchell) firmly at the melodramatic, yet somehow boring end. 

With this whole season pretty much taking place in space, with hardly any planet-side jaunts at all, some of the stakes seem somewhat diluted. While last season kept reminding audiences of the scale of damage that would occur to planets and their people should our heroes fail, this season seems much more like a personal story without the balance of the rest of the Quad.

It’s been confirmed that season five will be the final season, so now that the lady’s on the loose, we can finally expect an actual showdown rather than the skirmishes we’ve seen so far. After John-Kamen’s stint in Ant-Man and The Wasp, we’re sure she’ll go on to great things after she leaves Dutch behind… still, we’ll be sorry to see the last of her!

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