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TV Review: Doctor Who (Season 11, Episode 1)


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Over the many years that BBC’s Doctor Who has been airing, we have seen a lot of things. From Cybermen, to gas mask creatures. Daleks to Weeping Angles. But this year, Jodie Whittaker finally made her debut as the first ever female Doctor and she was everything we'd hoped for. 

The season eleven premiere of the show, titled The Woman Who Fell To Earth, introduces us to the thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker).

Source: BBC

Although you would think the whole feel of the show may have changed with the casting of a female Doctor, Whittaker blows this idea completely out the water.

She manages to perfectly embody the recognisable traits of the Doctor, while injecting playful humour into the mix (dare I say, more so than Peter Capaldi). 

The premise of the episode pretty much hits the same criteria as previous episodes in which the Doctor has regenerated into a new body and is introduced to a group of people set to become new travel companions.

This time she meets her three traveling companions, Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh), while crash-landing (literally) onto our screens. 

The episode also marks a shift in the behind the scenes of the show. Chibnall has taken over from Steven Moffat to steward the show, meaning a change in the direction of the plots.

It’s quite clear that although the storyline was fairly simplistic and bore a striking resemblance to “The Eleventh Hour” episode of season five, it set the tone for what’s to come.

The cinematography also looked as though could easily have been mistaken for a Marvel film and a fresh take on a much-loved series.

The alien this week was Tim Shaw, who initially appeared to be a robotic, warrior-esque creature but later revealed himself as having a face full of teeth and ice cold skin. Creepy.

The creature came to Earth to hunt down a randomly selected human in order to win a succession trial to become leader.

The Doctor not only defeated him (obviously) but also managed to relentlessly tease him not only about his name, but the fact that he was found to be cheating at the trial.

Essentially, Tim Shaw ticked all the boxes and was a great villain to kick start the series off with. 

The only critique of the episode was that this time, the Doctor was unable to save everyone in classic 'Doctor' style.

This was disappointing, especially as they could have given the victory to Whittaker with it being her debut. The premature death of Ryan’s Nan, Grace (Sharon D. Clarke) felt almost unnecessary and it would have been nice to find out more about her character and Ryan’s family.

Source: BBC

Overall, Whittaker was a pleasure to watch throughout and immersed herself into the role perfectly.

The fabulous mix of humour, fun and the trademark Doctor character we all know and love, is a recipe for success. We can’t wait to see what the Doctor and her new friends get up to next. 

The next episode airs this Sunday at 6:55pm on BBC1. 

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