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10 Years Of Merlin: The Best Episodes


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On this day, 10 years ago, Merlin aired it's first ever episode, The Dragon Calls on BBC One. The show went on to provide us with five years worth of magical adventures, humourous moments and one of the best bromances TV has ever seen.

Today, to celebrate the show's milestone anniversary, we're sharing the 10 best episodes of the show, so you know where to start your celebratory binge-watch.

10. Goblin's Gold (Series 3, Episode 3)

Whilst this Series 3 episode may not do all that much to move the plot of the show forward, this fun-filled episode allows the usually serious Gaius (Richard Wilson) to show a much more comedic side, as he spends the episode possessed by a pesky Goblin. We also have the incredibly memorable moment of Arthur being given donkey ears and Merlin having far too much fun with that! 

9. The Poisoned Chalice (Series 1, Episode 4)

Series 1 is arguably one of the weaker seasons of Merlin, as it is comprised entirely of standalone episodes and lacks some narrative cohesion, but it does still produce some standout episodes. This one is one of my favourites, as it shows the depth of Merlin and Arthur's relationship, and is one of the rare times in the show where Arthur saves Merlin rather than the other way around!

8. Queen of Hearts (Series 3, Episode 10)

This episode had to be on this list for one thing and one thing only: we get our first introduction to Old Man Merlin. Every episode where Merlin used his aging spell was a standout for me, but this one is particularly great because it is our first introduction to Merlin as an old man and it also establishes the future of Arthur and Gwen's relationship.

7. The Once and Future Queen (Series 2, Episode 2)

This Series 2 episode introduces us to the start of Arthur and Gwen's romantic relationship, and also shows a great amount of personal growth on the part of Arthur's character as he is forced to confront how those who are not royalty live and accept a little humility. We also get to see some jousting which is always fun!

6. Beauty and The Beast (Series 2, Episodes 5 & 6)

This series 2 two parter, is just hilariously funny as we see Uther being taken under the spell of a troll! These two episodes are just pure light hearted comedy, which is quite nice to have given the dark turn that the series takes towards the end of Season 2 and into Season 3.

5. Lancelot and Guinevere (Series 2, Episode 4)

Another Arthur/Gwen heavy episode as Arthur is forced to confront his feelings for Gwen when she is kidnapped. This is one of the few episodes where we really get to see Arthur let his guard down, which is great to see. It's also a pretty action packed episode, which is always fun!

4. A Servant of Two Masters (Series 4, Episode 6)

This episode slays me every time because it is just so funny! Merlin as an assassin (and definitely the world's worst assassin) was such a great idea and provides some of the best comic moments of the show. Plus the showdown between Merlin (as Old Man Merlin) and Morgana is one of the best of the show.

3. The Last Dragonlord (Series 2, Episode 13)

Merlin really knew how to do a finale (as shown by the fact that these top three episodes are all finale episodes), and this Series 2 one really knocked it out of the park. We have Merlin meeting his father, an epic fight with the Great Dragon and Merlin accepting his destiny as the Last Dragonlord. It's truly a fantastic conclusion that brings the second season to an epic close.

2. The Coming of Arthur (Series 3, Episodes 12 & 13)

This Series 3 two part finale episode is truly something else, Series 3 is really the turning point in the show, as Morgana rises to become the main villain of the show and learns the truth about her parentage, and Arthur steps up to take his place as King. The third series finale ups the stakes for the rest of the show and is the introduction of the round table for the very first time: a key symbol in the Arthurian myths that the show is loosely based on.

1. The Sword In The Stone (Series 4, Episodes 12 & 13)

Series 4 was a great series of Merlin all around; the show became darker, Merlin's powers became even greater and Arthur had to step into the role of King, something fans had been waiting for since the show began. This two part episode brings everything that had been building up in Series 4 to a head, with an epic battle against Morgana and the long awaited marriage of Arthur and Gwen.

Merlin: Series 1-5 is available to stream on Netflix now. 



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