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TV Review: Preacher (Season 3, Episode 8)


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“I’m the mistake that’s going to find God….”

A packed episode of Preacher in which the absurdity of the show is re-emphasised. The Grail attempt to force Genesis into the body of Humperdoo, but have to create a perfect mix of good and bad DNA, to control the perfect mix of good and bad in the entity’s angel and demon parents.

They keep cloning and attempting different mixes of good/bad people until they find one that works. All the while Herr Starr acts too scared to take out All-Father and insists Jesse does it despite the fact he is unable to move.

Meanwhile, Hoover is caught spying on the Children of Blood and when given the chance of death or being a vampire chooses the latter. He manages to escape an identical death to Lisa last week while Cassidy finds out about Eccarius’s deception.

Satan, “your hideousness” as Madame Marie purrs, was the voice on her phone the other week and he visits her wondering when she will go to Hell.

She has had a lifetime getting power from a pact they made. Nightmares of the souls she destroyed finally getting vengeance prompt her to offer up Jesse and his power to buy herself time and she suggests Satan gets Tulip O’Hare.

In Osaka, the soul-stealing trip goes well, but when Satan’s angel of death appears to take Tulip she pretends to be Soul Happy Go Go’s director, who she has the ID of, leaving Featherstone to be dragged off instead. We end on Saint of Killers, Arseface, Hitler, then Featherstone and Sydney waiting on the bus to Hell. 

One of the funniest juxtapositions in this episode of Preacher, a thing the AMC show loves, is the sequence of jubilant hoody-clad Humberdoo clones that explode to Blue Danube.

Intestines swelling and bursting in the poor Christ Child as the music does likewise! The starting fighting inside the lift is also inspired.

Opening at the floor of a cheese magazine, Jesse and the grail-henchmen he is fighting stop embarrassed and the man waiting says he’ll get the next lift.

Finally, the hostage photos sent to Herr Starr featuring kidnapped Hoover are hilarious because Preacher pushes the joke further that it should go until it becomes funny again. 

Tom Brady, sees our characters trying to define themselves in regards to free will and fate, a call back to the absurdism that underlines the series' plotlines.

Tulip believes she is cursed as an O’Hare to always fuck up and when she convinces the rather robotic and dim Sydney, the angel of death, that Featherstone is the brown haired individual she is looking for, she unintentionally causes the souls for Madame Marie to get taken off with the operative to a bus stop going to a hellish destination.

Tulip finds a fatalistic calm in acquiescing to the curse whether it exists or not. Marie, who catches up with her satanic lord, tries to play against the fate both partners had decided. She was to get souls, making her young, alive and a powerful entity until death when she would become another cog in the machine worked by Satan. She seems to have only got the last two out of it.  

Despite that, their relationship is almost like ex-lovers catching up. Then Marie lets it slip that her grandson Jesse has Genesis and that by getting rid of Tulip for her, he can get his hands on it. Satan gladly decides to change her fate as he can’t let a good business deal pass him over.   

The biggest case of this contrast between people’s belief in a perceived fate and the reality, however, is that of Jesse. Jesse asserts to All-Father than he has “faith that Genesis belongs to” him to which All-Father laughs that he is “certainly a preacher”, but also that he’s a fool. 

His scientist reveals that Genesis can only survive in a host who is completely 50% good and 50% bad due to being the all-powerful offspring of an angel and demon. Is Jesse just a case of the right mix of good and bad with no reason otherwise for being “chosen”, as he describes it? Satan’s comment to Marie that he’s always had an eye out for Jesse seems to suggest it. Was his gift of ultimate power just completely random? 

The Grail’s scientist works through multiple Humperdoo clones trying to find the perfect mix of good and bad people’s DNA so as to make the so-called “Christ Child” able to carry Genesis.  

A Serena Williams and Louis XVI strain is a dud, but they find it when they combined Thomas Jefferson with Wayne Brady to get what the scientist exclaims she calls “The Tom Brady!”.

All-Father’s gloating that Jesse is a drunk, blasphemer and mistake who was never special is meet by Custer’s incalcitrant  statement that “I’m the mistake that’s going to find god…”

Someone chosen to give God what is coming to him. Too bad that the strain works perfectly enabling the Humperdoo clone to make everyone bow.

The first display of Genesis this season, and as the Grail goes to get the original Humperdoo, Jesse is left at his lowest - stuck with his abusive family and now confronted with the fact Genesis didn’t seem to choose him for a good reason at all. 

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