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TV Review: The Bold Type (Season 2)


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The second season of The Bold Type finished its run this week after ten more fun, fashion and friendship filled episodes with our favourite Scarlet employees, Jane, Sutton and Kat.

The show returned with a new showrunner this year and you could definitely tell, as the stories were even bolder than the year before, delving into white privilege, Kat's racial identity, gun control, Plan B and all sorts of other important topics.

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The season starts off in a strange place because of course, Jane isn't working for Scarlet anymore, but this does make for some interesting new storylines, as it felt often in the first season.

The stories of the week at Scarlet mostly revolved around Jane and whatever she was writing at the time and it felt like this season Sutton and Kat got more of a chance to shine at work.

Sutton's career journey this season was particularly gratifying as we get to watch her excel as Oliver's assistant, culminating in her lifelong dream of going to Paris Fashion Week at the end of the season.

It was so wonderful to get to watch her grow in that way. We get to see Kat in more of a leadership role this season as the new head of Social Media and it was definitely interesting to see how she stepped into that role and made more than a few waves whilst doing so!

Jane is unemployed for a large portion of the season, having burned her bridges at Incite after a damning TV interview. Jane being Jane doesn't exactly deal with it very well.

Her freelance gigs do however bring a new relationship into the picture as she gets together with the subject of one of her articles, cute Australian doctor Ben Chau and it is lovely to see that relationship develop through the season.

Jane's unemployment also brings back Pinstripe as she runs into him in the cafe where she is writing and this kind of starts an awkward confidant type relationship, which of course comes to a head by the series end - Jane's life can't be drama free for long!

After Kat's biracial identity being barely mentioned last season, the new showrunners decided to dive in headfirst, first with an episode where we meet Kat's parents and delve a little bit more into her backstory to understand why she doesn't really talk about her race.

Her parents essentially raised her to not think about it, because her dad didn't want her to grow up like he did and her mum found it painful when other people thought she wasn't her daughter).

That was really gratifying to see and then later in the season, when Jane gets passed over for a job for diversity reasons, we get a really great discussion about white privilege (including Kat acknowledging her own privilege) and see Kat using her newfound power for good as she hires Angie, a black woman with no college degree but a great social media presence for her team.

For the most part, the social issues in The Bold Type were handled really well, this season we get great, nuanced discussions about white privilege, a follow up to the powerful sexual assault episode from last season, period poverty, Plan B, Jane's fertility issues after being diagnosed with the BRACA1 gene and so much more.

The one episode where I felt the show didn't quite hit it out of the park though was the gun control episode, Episode 7, "Betsy". In it, we see Jane and Sutton argue about Sutton's shotgun Betsy but the entire episode felt like we were just going around in circles and the ending just didn't feel earned. Much as I love The Bold Type, there are some topics you need more than 40 minutes to explore!

This season delves more into the Kat/Adena relationship and whilst the two start in a good place, their relationship quickly deteriorates through the season. I was impressed at the start of the season, where they had an honest, frank conversation about Kat's reluctance to perform oral sex on Adena because one, oral sex is barely ever talked about on TV and two, because they were so open and mature about it.

Their relationship quickly started to feel strained, however, and matters only get worse when Adena suggests an open relationship. They end the season in not a great place after Adena doesn't show for the Paris party, and I'll be interested to see how things go for them next season. 

We get to see both Kat's parents and Sutton's mum this season, so I am hoping that next season we get to see more of Jane's family as they are still for the most part kind of a mystery to us! Sutton meeting her mum was definitely one of Meghann Fahy's outstanding moments of this series, the emotion she poured into the moment was just incredible. 

They also ditched the annoying voiceover from last season in the beginning of the episode recaps, which was definitely a great move!

Katie Stevens got the opportunity to show off her singing chops on a few occasions this season (as a former American Idol contestant) which was wonderful to see, especially in the scene with the girls doing karaoke in Episode 5 because it was just so much fun!

Sutton's breakup with Richard at the beginning of the season led to an unfortunate downward spiral with an influencer called Brooke in which she bought $500 of cocaine for her and her friends (I still don't see how this never became an issue), partied herself out and slept with a married man.

These couple of episodes were a little frustrating to watch, especially when paired with Sutton's amazing growth in her job, but they did lead to a wonderful and super romantic ending with Richard in Paris, so I'll be interested to see how that develops in the next season.

The much touted final episode in Paris was wonderful, though I did find myself feeling a little unsatisfied with the cliffhanger endings, Kat and Adena, Jane and her love triangle, Jacqueline's job, the only thing really resolved is Sutton and Richard!

Whilst I get why they did this and I am totally excited to see what happens when the show returns for Season 3, it did mean that I left this season feeling like it was a little....unfinished, a shame for a show that usually wraps things up so neatly!

Overall, The Bold Type's second season was a fun, fashion and friendship filled extravaganza, which introduced interesting new directions and storylines for all three women.

As a diverse show which explores many social issues and focuses on the friendship of its three female leads, The Bold Type is a rare gem and I hope it's around for years to come! 

The Bold Type Season 2 is now available to watch on Amazon Video. 

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