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TV Review: Preacher (Season 3, Episode 7)


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"I had sun lamps and Catholics but I let you down…"

In 'Hilter', Preacher’s plot makes progress as people come together in surprising groups, some connecting and others not. 

The Saint of Killers finds Hitler posing as David Hilter and working in a Subway-knockoff. He is just formulating a new five year plan for world domination when SOK turns up and drags him off.

The surreal image of Hitler as sandwich artist is replaced by the bizarre contrast of him, his cowboy saint captor and Arseface as they go off to sort out that other problem… Damn Jesse Custer. 

Meanwhile Herr Starr, Featherstone, Jesse, Tulip, Marie, TC and Jody come together for a common goal, enlivening the season and making the plots of the two groups finally unite.

Herr Starr needs to stop All-Father’s power while Jesse needs to mitigate Marie’s power. The result is seeing characters we didn’t expect meet and interact in hilarious ways.

The best example being TC and Herr Starr, the latter of whom, in an effort to avoid talking to someone he’d describe as an “ignoramus”, whips out his phone pretending to be on a call as a dial tone rings out. 

The power of Gran’ma is emphasised in a discussion with Herr Starr about her allowing Jesse to help him with what he describes as a “quite humdrum” public relations job, by putting his best snake-oil seller face on and offering her a full slave quarters or if she wants to leave the “19th century behind” a TV show with her as a “Voodoo Grandma”.

Marie lets her catheter drip onto Starr’s shoes. No sweet-talking….”I want Souls!” she demands, throwing Jesse against a wall with the compact when he acts too cocky during the talk.

An Osaka warehouse called Soul Happy Go Go has millions. Jesse and Starr force Tulip and Featherstone(fighting in the kitchen), to go to Japan with Jody for them, Starr describing them to Marie as top operatives.

While this solves the souls issue, Herr takes Jesse to retrieve his soul. When they turn up to where its stored we find out Herr Starr has ulterior motives. He is with Jesse as his “Messiah”, but to get his soul, he’ll have to first kill All-Father who greats his loyal head-executioner and the surprised Custer. 

Jesse this week makes two vital promises to the twin authorities in his life.  His Gran’ma and Herr Starr. He promises to return to the former and not to maim or kill the latter in a hillarious and dark fashion once he has Genesis.

His gran shows some brief signs of love when he is leaving before reverting and stating if he doesn't get the souls she'll tear him apart, sending him to "hell like his momma". Hugging her, he says, "I'll come back. I promise".

Cooper's acting here selling the trauma Marie has inflicted on him and the ideas playing in his mind of what he'll do to her when he returns. Tulip, the "most survivingest woman” he’s ever met won't end up like Madame Boyd. 

Finally, Cassidy feels accepted, as people delight in him describing the 60s has crap due to "iffy" drugs. He finds out that the followers, once turned, set up global missions that improve vampire-human relation, and after turning his erstwhile date Lisa, enjoying the “scarlet” urges, hits the town with Eccarius.

They drink absinthe and work on Cassidy’s mesmerising and animal transformations. Eccarius has his first bong hit after 300 years “on this planet” but Grail's Hoover turns up to get Cassidy using a crack-team of catholic monster hunters.

The best scene of the episode is the reveal of their hideout. The newly empowered Cassidy beats them and, briefly thinking Eccarius is dead due to the hunters’s light machines, is shocked. Thankfully he was just hiding as a mouse.

A twist happens as instead of Cassidy, who insists events are his fault, leaving like might once have done, he stays when Eccarius declares “they won’t just be coming after you, they will be coming after us”, kissing him and offering Cassidy the love of someone who truly understands him.

Together, they aren’t alone and can face a world of Van Helsings if needed! Eccarius sees that Lisa goes on her “trip” then this old Don Giovanni retreats to share Cassidy’s coffin bed with him, gently embracing our “wanton riotous junkie” who he now has all to himself…

Bisexual representation done well using vampires, Anne Rice who? 

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