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Ruby Rose to play lesbian superhero Batwoman for new CW series


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Australian genderfluid actor Ruby Rose, who came to prominence in Orange is the New Black, is to play Lesbian Superhero, Batwoman Kate Kane.

Her Kate Kane is to appear in a December crossover special with Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl before appearing in a stand-alone series being developed for the 2019-20 US TV Series. 

Image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi

The character is described in the casting description as “physically and intellectually confident” while being a proud openly gay woman. After being kicked out the military she instead took up the role of a “crime-fighting vigilante” as Batwoman, “able to strike fear” into criminals.

Speaking on Instagram, Rose said she was “beyond thrilled and honoured” ,but that she was also a “wreck” as it was a lifelong dream. Growing up she “never felt represented on tv” and said she was thankful that this generation of LGBT kids would grow up with Kane as a role model. 

Some fans of the jewish Lesbian character have expressed misgivings however posting tweets under the #KeepKateJewish hashtag. In the recent Alternative-Universe comic series DC Bombshells her jewish identity and crime-fighting come together as she drops into Europe to take on the Nazis in WW2. 

Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Driers is writer and co-executive producer working alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns to bring the solo series to CW.

Despite some mixed fan reactions, Rose's casting, like that of Nicole Maines as the first transgender superhero Dreamer, shows that CW is committed to creating a superhero universe that is as diverse as its comic counterpart while changing tv representation in general.

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