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TV Review: Preacher (Season 3, Episode 6)


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“Alright bitches, clock's tickin'. Let's go steal some shit.”

In Angelville, Tulip, TC, Jody and Jesse go on a Ocean’s Elevenesque heist to get Marie some souls, in New Orleans Cassidy’s story gets interesting, meanwhile Arseface is back on earth ,but bumps into a familiar antagonist and the Grail’s All-Father tests Herr Starr’s convictions.

Finally, Preacher erupts into action on all fronts! TC and Jody are about to give Tulip’s soul to Madame Marie, who is close to death, when Jesse suggests an alternative. Using Tulip and Jesse’s robbing and heist expertise they decide to break into the bank used by Madame Boyd to get the souls of her customers. Tulip is in her element and cases out the bank.

The bank’s new security system requires spit so Jesse meets his ex-girlfriend, and when he can’t provoke her into spitting, instead utters the least romantic come on possible, “Would it make me the worst person in the world if I kissed you on the day I buried my girlfriend?”.

Jesse gets the saliva and soon, Tulip, thief extraordinaire, and him are back at Angelville. Marie is saved through drinking the multiple stored souls, but decides punishment is needed for Tulip who has brought “mischief and mayhem” to the estate. Jesse’s debt is nowhere near paid she makes clear. So it is Marie snatches another soul. We’re left terrified for Tulip. Can she survive the Tombs?  

It turns out the person de-souled is Boyd. Jesse shoots her dead to stop her being killed in the Tombs. Love driving him to this point while her hate brought her there. It's time to call the Grail, Custer tells his Gran’ma. Let’s hope they can finally get Jesse & Co out of this situation ,but....

The Grail scenes themselves continue to be the funniest and scariest scenes of the shows. All-father is there to test Herr Starr’s devotion to Humberdoo and knows about Custer. Starr confirms the assumption last week that All-father is scary even to him. He once, we are told, crushed a man’s head with his huge frame. The crime? The guy took his hot pocket.

The Saint of Killers is back on Earth and gets Arseface from an orphanage he seems too old for. They go in search of Hitler on a journey the every faithful and optimistic Arseface hopes will be the making of them in a really unlikely duo which will be interesting to watch.

The wishes expressed in last week’s review regarding Cassidy’s storyline having new life come to fruition. Gilgun is fantastic. Eccarius, The Children of Blood's leader, is a Louis XIV look-alike stereotypical vampire.

He proves he isnt a poser by eating his owl whole and slowly convincing Cassidy being a vampire can be pretty cool. He shows him they can fly, glamour people and turn invisible, not really. No-one can do that, but you can turn into a small black cat! Cassidy fights against the potential change to his century-long drug and isolation routine but returns at the end as like Eccarius says, he has been "looking for a friend" and if not Jesse maybe its Eccarius. 

Of particular note in the episode is the use of fantastic cuts and transitions. In the pre-bank heist casing of the joint, we transition flawlessly from a guard to the bank desk to the vault following Tulip’s skilled robber eye. The quick and punchy style gives the sequence a distinct Oceans/ Italian Job flavour.

When Herr Starr unexpectantly finds the All-Father in his officer a hilarious zoom on both of their faces results, which will definitely become a popular reaction gif. Finally, in the scene where we think that Tulip’s soul has been taken, horror style tension is provoked throw close ups before we finally cut to a wider shot. 

The best episode of the season so far. Hopefully the remainder of season 3 will stay at this level of quality.

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