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Your Love Island Final recap is here: who walked away with their true love and 50K check?


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Before we discuss the big winner (skip down to find out more about that), let's catch up on what went down in the big live final of Love Island 2018.

Truth be told the Love Island finals are historically the least eventful save for the big reveal.

It's mostly about the boys and girls getting dressed up to stand awkwardly next to a live audience and waiting around to hear if they're getting their hands on that 50K check that they conveniently never mention. Who even flies all the way to Spain other than their parents and friends? 

This year's islanders are sad to leave eachother behind and cannot believe they'll soon have to wake up in a bedroom that doesn't house 10. 

They seem to be way more closely knit this series, especially the girls (don't you DARE forget about Georgia though). Watching their friendships develop as they give each other advice and stick up for one another has been the best part.

Maybe that's why there wasn't any true sense of mystery surrounding this years' winner, and in fact, it seemed like the only person who didn't know who was coming first was the winning couple themselves. 

So what we got was a genuinely enjoyable group full of bants, drama, and heart to hearts.

Once the girls said #yastothedress, they met the boys who were standing handsome and proud in their tuxedos by the pool.

Flack presented the series 4 retrospective, featuring all the memorable moments from Adam ditching Kendall for Rosie only to get the boot himself, to Megan's epic snake move to get to Wes only to ditch him for spectacle wearer of the year, to Dr. Alex's never ending attempts at grafting and his unforgivable dumping of the gorgeous goddess Alexandra. Here I was, thinking I'd get to enjoy an entire episode without any of his shallow fake nice boy antics but alas.

One by one, the couples were called to read out the love declaration they've been preparing, each of which all more emotional than you'd expect from these 4-8 week relationships. To be honest, I definitely shed some tears and even Megan proved to have a heart behind all the hair and tits.

Jack and Danni's was undeniably the sweetest and you can tell those two Essex idiots love the shit out of eachother. They don't even have to do anything, they're just naturally loveable people.

Once the polls were closed, the couple that came fourth was invited to the stage for a close up interview and look into their journey so far. Shockingly, our dear lovebirds Megan and Wes ended up last in the final, so the public seemes to be aggy about them.

In any case, their interview was really cute and when asked about her previous choices, Megan explained that Wes was the one she truly cared for and who am I to question her. 

In third place, not so shockingly, came Josh and Kaz. There was not much to say about the annoyingly gorgeous couple other than just that while they suit each other based on looks and personality, they're not that entertaining. 

Then, of course Laura and Paul followed, and even if they didn't come first it is still impressive that a 1-2 week old pairing made it so far.

I have a hunch Paul had little to do with this because as gorgeous as he is, he's as wooden as his carpenting, bless him.  

Laura, on the other hand, is the unsung hero of this series. She calls people out on their mistakes, she doesn't take anyone's BS and despite being mugged off for other girls, she took it in stride and moved on with grace and maturity.

There wasn't a whole lot of unecessary animosity between her and Megan or Laura, they all made up in the end.

And in first place... the royal couple themselves Dani and Jack have of course won the entire thing.

I was so absolutely certain of their victory I would have bet my left arm over it.

Although some people argue the real winner was right in-front of us all along.

The nation hasn't been this happy since the World Cup semi finals. There was no point in even asking the, whether they'd split the money equally or keep it for themselves, we all know they're moving together with Danny Dyer's blessings. 

And there you have it, fellow viewers, can you believe we spent almost every night for the past two months stressing about who these idiots are trying to shag?

Can you believe I was so into it I volunteered to write articles about it? Now all that's left to do is enjoy the rest of the summer or find another reality show to fill the Love Island hole in my heart.

Although with all the money these people will be making off brand deals and club appearances, I would urge you to consider applying to the villa next year.

If Alex can almost make it to the end so can I!

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