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TV Review: Preacher (Season 3, Episode 4)


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"This place brings out the worst in him," so says Madame Boyd, Madame L'Angell's rival, about the boy, now man, who was the worst person she ever loved. "Jesse Custer, everybody," as Cassidy spits. 

Episode four 'The Tombs' sets things into motion for the remainder of the series and sets up how different characters will act from now on. Jesse is reliving significant truama in his life and struggles to separate his "real" self from the mask (or Top Hat) he is being made to wear by his Angelville captors.

This episode as a whole sets out how different people either fall for or see through the mask Jesse is forced to wear. Madame Boyd believes that Jesse meant to call her trash because he hated her.

In reality, it was to protect her from TC and Jody who hinted they'd throw her in the tombs due to her threatening their buisness. He had to dump her to stop this. She believes her brother Kenny, who confronted him in the tombs, died at Jesse's hands with glee on the latter's face.

In reality, however, Jesse begged Kenny to stop strangling him before fighting for and saving his own life. He didn't shout "Are you not entertained?" callously like in Gladiator, but cried over his friend, as Jody did that.

Cassidy believes wholeheartedly the dark facade that Jesse puts on to save those around him.  He calls him out for acting like a "bloody hero strutting through the tombs" as he's really just an "evil bastard" who Tulip will see through.

When Jesse is forced to beat Cassidy to a pulp, she sees and reacts, but doesnt abandon him. At the end, though, Tulip in her white outfit sees him, unlike the rest. She hears Madame Boyd and Cassidy's views, but knows the truth. He puts on '"fake mean" to protect his loved ones in his own hell. And thankfully Tulip can see he is still the man she loves under all that. Even if no-one else does.

Joe Gilgun's Cassidy continues to be the comedic relief of the episodes and surprisingly genuine and naive for a vampire (a good thing!). He goes from hating to loving Jesse multiple times in the episode.

The sight of his chopped up vampire body that Jesse is trying to post away in a box to save him is hillarious and his retorts to Jesse result in a swift punch in the severed body part where his dick is. Sadly, Tulip makes him leave them on a bus for his own safety, pulling the rug out from under the Irish vampire besotted with her. Another passenger, however, is Agent Featherstone. While Tulip is willing to go through the worst with Jesse, Cassidy isn't. 

Finally, the absurdity inherent to Preacher is emphasised through a masterful sequence set in Hell which helps expand the world building of this universe further. Satan wishes to see an inmate of hell. Who is it?

The Saint of Killers of course. His outline so iconic now that, as he travels in the lift to Lucifer's office, we only see his face in shadow (a very comic book shot), before he finally lifts his face up to us. The 9 circles of hell become -9 floors that the elevator goes through.

In the type of Hell locale only seen on 80s metal band album covers, the Saint meets Satan who is the dogsuit-wearing opposite of Preacher's God in every sense of the word. Looking comically like Hellboy's father in the image of Lucifer that is a stereotype today - goat-like legs and hooves, horns, red skin etc, - the boss of Hell fanboys over who he calls "the biggest baddest son of a bitch in all of hell" and a real "self-starter". 

Unlike the slacker egotistical God, who feels fine abandoning his job for his midlife crisis, Satan is a business man through and through. He loves the Saint, but still has him whipped by Sidney, the angel of death, until his spine shows. His escape through the angels is something Satan gets, but it wasn't a good deal for him as souls escaping harms his reputation. And he has plans. So yeah, he needs to be punished before they talk.

They make a sweet business deal. Saint will capture Hitler and Arseface who escaped the domain last season then he can do whatever he wants with this "Preacher". While the God of Preacher seems to do things spotaneously, his hellish co-worker seems to actually have things together. 

While it is great to have The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) back, let's just hope it's not too much of a good thing and that it doesn't dampen the tension being built around Jesse's current enemies. Hopefully the show isn't too small for two sets of villain in this town of Angelville.

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