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What would the babies of Love Island couples look like?


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Love Island has come back this year to entertain us as the heatwave grips us worse and worse! Between that and the World Cup, ITV’s show is one of the hottest topics every evening at home, at the pub and, of course, on Twitter.

As we invest way too much time in romance blossoming on our small screens, the question stands: which couple will last?

And since we all know how the song goes, that after love and marriage comes a baby carriage, MyVoucherCodes have decided to skip right to the end and created images of what future Love Island couples’ babies

The results range from nightmare-inducing to only slightly uncanny. Have a gander at our list here if you can handle these computer-generated infants staring into your soul.

1. Dani and Jack

Dani and Jack seem to be favourites to win the show, and as such got the attention of the MyVoucherCodes team immediately. This baby stares into your soul and knows what you did last summer with eyes, which are shaped like Jack’s but brown like Dani’s. The baby’s nose is like Dani’s. If these two keep going the way they do, we might be seeing more than a computer-generated kid.

2. Laura & (New) Jack

Though Laura and the new Jack are facing some relationship troubles right now, we are really feeling it and hoping it would work out. This incarnation of their potential child boasts Laura’s piercing blue eyes, with Jack’s nose and mouth

3. Megan & Wes

These two are back together after a short split and we can only hope it’s smooth sailing from here. Their potential baby has Megan’s mouth, Wes’s eyebrows and head shape, and a mix of the two noses.

4. Megan & (New) Alex 

Alex has now left the show, but the possibility that the two would pick up back up is always there. This baby has Megan’s natural mouth and nose shape, and Alex’s eyes, which you can just hope you won’t find staring back at you from your wardrobe at night.

5. Zara and Adam 

These two have already left the villa, but since they admitted to being in love with each other on Sunday, we can all dream this baby can pop out sometime. This baby boy has Zara’s eyes and nose, with Adam’s eyebrows and his mouth, and will definitely grow up to be a stunner with such genes.

6. Kaz & Josh 

Josh wasn’t really well liked after he ditched Georgia for Kaz, but we are now warming up to the couple, especially after the two got a lot closer recently. Their potential baby has the shape of Kaz’s nose and mouth, with Josh’s eyes.

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