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10 Shows That Got Saved From Cancellation


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This week, Lucifans finally got the news we had all been waiting for: Lucifer is coming back for a fourth season, this time from their new home on Netflix!

To celebrate another year of the devil on our screens, we've compiled a list of shows that were saved from death by passionate fans who refused to let their favourite shows go without a fight.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The fan outcry over the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine by Fox was perhaps unlike anything ever seen for a cancelled show before. Twitter had a complete meltdown at the thought of never getting to see our favourite NYPD detectives ever again. Luckily NBC took notice and a mere 24 hours later, Brooklyn Nine Nine was back on track for season six (albeit a shorter 13 episode one).

2. Nashville

The country music drama was cancelled after its fourth season by ABC in 2016 after a massive cliffhanger ending which left star Juliette Barnes' life in jeopardy. Fans were determined that this was not the last they would see of the fictional country music starlet and after a massive online petition signed by over 174,000 fans (including yours truly), CMT picked up the show. Its return was not massively long lived, as the show will end this summer after two years on CMT, but it did give the fans a chance to have proper closure.

3. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project originally aired on Fox for three seasons, before being cancelled in 2015. Mindy Kaling's comedy series was not renewed because of a big fan outcry however, but because it had done significantly better on its streaming home than its network home. It was therefore natural for Hulu to give the Mindy Project a second life. It finished its six season run last year.

4. Arrested Development

Arrested Development was initially aired by Fox, for three seasons before being cancelled in 2006. For years, it didn't look like anything would happen with it, but then in 2013, after seeing the popularity of the previous catalogue of Arrested Development episodes, Netflix revived Arrested Development for a fourth, and now fifth season.

5. Friday Night Lights

In one of the more creative fan campaigns, when Friday Night Lights was in danger of being cancelled in 2008, fans of the show sent NBC light bulbs (after the title of the show) and eye drops (after the motto of the football team: Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose). NBC eventually ended up striking a deal with DirecTV to bring the fans three more seasons of the show.

6. Chuck

When NBC spy drama Chuck was in danger of cancellation in 2009, fans took matters into their own hands, launching the "Have a Heart, Save Chuck Campaign" which ended up raising $17,000 on behalf of NBC for the American Heart Association. They also organised to buy sandwiches from Subway, the show's biggest sponsor, on the day of the season finale, leaving comment cards in support of Chuck whilst there. The campaign worked, Subway signed on for a bigger sponsorship deal and Chuck fans got three more seasons of the show.

7. Community

Community was cancelled by NBC after its fifth season in 2014 (why do these shows all seem to be Fox or NBC?!) and it looked like it was going to be gone forever, until an eleventh hour save by Yahoo! Screen on the day the cast's contracts were due to expire. The final sixth season of the show aired in 2015. The movie has get to materialise.

8. Family Guy

Yup, Family Guy was in fact at one point cancelled - hard to believe, isn't it? Another victim of the axe of Fox, Family Guy was originally cancelled in 2002 after its third season, but after an unprecendentedly large sale of the first two seasons on DVD, Fox had a change of heart and revived Seth MacFarlane's brain child. The animated series has now aired SIXTEEN seasons, with a seventeenth to come in the autumn.

9. Sense8

Whilst Sense8 didn't get saved in the way that most fans hoped (with further seasons), the fans' cries were at least heard enough to get a proper chance to say goodbye to the sensates. After immense fan reactions - from creating petitions, to tweeting #RenewSense8, and even calling Netflix, the provider of the show - Netflix decided to bring Sense8 back a year after its cancellation for a final two and a half hour special earlier this month. 

10. Lucifer

Ending with the show that inspired this list, Lucifer was cancelled by Fox a week before its Season 3 finale, outraging the show's very passionate fanbase - even moreso when we realised that we had been left on an insane cliffhanger that clearly wasn't meant to end the show. Thanks to a passionate fan reaction (fans broke Twitter with so many hashtags being used to promote saving the show) and hard work on the part of the showrunners and series' star Tom Ellis, a month after cancellation, Lucifer was just renewed for a fourth series by Netflix!


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