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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 26)


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Lucifer’s second special episode airing after the finale of the third season, takes us on a journey into an alternative world.  

In ‘Once Upon a Time’, the often-mentioned but rarely appearing Amenadiel and Lucifer’s Father and creator of everything makes an appearance in the form of Neil Gaiman’s disembodied voice to show that he is indeed the biggest fan of Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship.

Though it was shot before Lucifer was cancelled, ‘Once Upon a Time’ is a perfect love letter to the show and its fans, and the proper sendoff it deserves. God himself – narrated by Neil Gaiman, one of the creators of the original comics – makes an appearance to show us that regardless of whether he allegedly meddles or not, some things are meant to be: like Chloe and Lucifer meeting and falling in love.

What he does is one simple change – move the bullet that killed Chloe’s father slightly to the side, so he is injured but survives – and in true butterfly effect fashion, everything changes.

Chloe’s following in her mother’s footsteps, now that she didn’t have her father’s death to motivate her to pursue a career in the police. That leads to Dan never developing further beyond his motivations of the corrupt cop he was in the first season.

Out of everyone, Lucifer probably remains the most similar to his regular timeline equivalent, possibly due to the large levels of cynicism he has, even after falling in love with Chloe.

Delilah’s “open and shut” case that originally brought the partnership between Chloe and Lucifer was handled by Dan in this universe – and badly so – which has led to Lucifer’s increased vitriol against the LAPD.

His experience with the LAPD is therefore what motivates him to investigate the murder in his club – which Chloe is also interested in, because it was a friend and colleague of hers, who was killed.

‘Once Upon a Time’ leads to the same team-up we see in the show, with a lot more improvising and going around the law, now that Chloe is just an actress in this one. While watching them come together as a team again in different circumstances is amazing, it is even more interesting to see where each of the other main characters are in this alternative timeline.

Similar to Dan, Charlotte is still the corrupt person we originally saw, but seeing her team up with Dan to steal Lucifer’s riches and proceed to run away with him Bonnie-and-Clyde-style is strangely heart-warming. Some people still manage to find the same love in different circumstances, Gaiman’s voice quips about them.

Despite operating a slightly shadier business than in the original timeline, Ella is just as sweet and loving as she usually is – except it’s all hidden behind her badass looks and an unloaded gun.

However, it’s Linda and Maze who are the most different out of the whole cast. Maze seems to have gone full demon, having started her own cult, where they all hide half of their faces, but even then, she refuses to punish Charlotte when she tries to steal Lucifer’s riches. That in itself might be hints that she is already feeling more rebellious against him, just like she is in the show!

Linda, meanwhile, has gone into showbusiness, where she has her own therapy show. Though her only connection to the plot is that Chloe appears on one of her episodes, she is faced with a moral test, which she fails. Regardless, God refuses to stop believing in her, saying that though she has made a mistake, she continues to be good at heart.

All in all, ‘Once Upon a Time’ is a lovely send-off, even if it was never intended as such. Now all that is left is to hope and fight that the show would be picked up by another network!

Episodes of the third season of Lucifer, as well as the two previous seasons, are available on Amazon Prime.

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