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TV Review: iZombie (Season 4, Episode 13)


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After a shaky fourth season at best, iZombie pulls all the plot threads of its varied ensemble together in a truly glorious way to deliver a fitting finale.

Interestingly enough, while iZombie has never shied away from poking fun at genre clichés in a tasteful tribute, it seems this is the first time it plays the ‘zombie attack through a news report lens’.

And interestingly enough, it works just well enough as it is used as a framing device for the first part of the episode.

News that the US has cut off all brain shipments to Seattle don’t help any of the tensions, as Fillmore Graves is preparing for the executions of Liv and Levon, who had both come forward as Renegade, and as Blaine is planning to send Angus’s drones to zombify half of the US.

What Chase Graves doesn’t foresee is the sheer stubbornness of Liv’s closest in refusing to accept her impending execution and the amount of people she can inspire in real life and in Levon’s documentary. Side note: Paul Rudd narrating the whole thing is the best voice cameo I’ve seen in a while.

While she only has 20 seconds to say goodbye to Clive, Ravi and Peyton in a particularly tear-jerking scene, Liv manages to start a plot to save her and Levon, which is joined in by all the familiar faces, most of Seattle’s population, and some people we haven’t seen in a while (in the face of Justin).  

And while the plan to save them sort of works out, despite all the setbacks by Fillmore Graves, it is too late to save Levon. That, sadly enough, comes as no surprise as Levon takes place among a large number of Liv’s ex-boyfriends who have died because of knowing her – a fact that isn’t getting neither the dramatic, nor tragically comedic treatment it desperately needs.

Funnily enough, if we continue that line of logic, Chase Graves’ one night stand with Liv comes back to bite him as he finds himself on the guillotine, following a final showdown, which was strangely styled. Even more fittingly so, he was killed by the same tool he had hoped to use to establish a more and more authoritarian rule.

All of that aside, this episode features a lot of lovely romance. Ravi’s love confessions are so adorably in character, but Clive and Bozzio’s wedding takes the cake. The personalised wedding vows, and Clive’s commitment to her, while abrupt, felt so genuine, it had me yelling at Liv through the screen to give her the cure.  

Angus’ crazed-preacher storyline never got the payoff the season seemed to be setting it to be, instead just ending up as fodder to Blane’s plan. Regardless, it seems a fitting end to a man, who was just as dynamic and lovable (despite being a terrible human being) as his son.

All things considered, it’s not as shocking a finale as previous finales have been, considering iZombie’s tendency to leave seasons on massive cliffhangers. In fact, the last 10 minutes of the episode are spent tying loose ends up, which might have been because of the fears that the show was going to be cancelled.

Luckily for us, in a season 5 where both Liv and Major (and presumably Peyton?) will be holding powerful position, we will soon be able to see the fight for a better human-zombie cooperation really fold out.  

A lot of the changes, such as Major becoming head of Fillmore Graves, make sense in the context of all decisions taken through the season. Even that New Seattle is now effectively a microstate fighting against its one geographical neighbour is also not surprising.

And while things felt a little bit too perfectly tied up together in the end, it is very obviously a very shaky foundation, which will most definitely crumble in the next and last season.

The fourth season of iZombie is available to watch on Netflix.

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