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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Best Moments


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The internet flew into meltdown earlier this month when it seemed as if our favourite cop comedy would never return after it was cancelled by Fox.

Thankfully less than 24 hours later after much fan outcry, the Nine Nine was saved by NBC and picked up for a sixth season. To celebrate their renewal, we thought we'd compile some of their best bits that prove far and away why the best comedy show on TV simply had to be saved.

brooklyn nine nine

1. Jake Makes The Criminals Sing

This episode hasn't aired in the UK yet, but the clip has been out for a while and I've watched it over and over again since its release. Only on Brooklyn Nine Nine could you get the comedy gold of a line-up of criminals singing the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way". Warning, you will be singing "And number five" instead of the real line forever now.

2. Holt says "Bone"

A grown man saying bone over and over again should not be funny. However when said man is Captain Raymond Holt, it's iconic.

3. "I'm about to monologue son"

This is also from an upcoming episode, I think it will air in the UK either next week or the week after, but it a) shows just how smart Jake is and b) got three "Oh damns" from Holt. Anything that got three "Oh Damns" from Holt is worthy of a best bits list.

4. Title of Your Sex Tape

"Title of your sex tape" is the younger, funnier, Brooklyn Nine Nine cousin of the classic "that's what she said".

5. Rosa Comes Out

A slightly more serious and less funny clip, but nonetheless a very important moment. A bisexual woman, played by a bisexual actress using the word bisexual on TV. It shouldn't be so groundbreaking but it is, and the incredible diverse cast and great LGBTQ+ representation is one of the main reasons this show is as good as it is.

6. Jake proposes to Amy

This moment had been years (or if you binged watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix before season 5 aired, months) in the making, and it was definitely worth it when it came. Equal parts hilarious and touching, Jake and Amy's proposal is everything.

7. The Full bullpen

Brooklyn Nine Nine has some of the best cold opens on TV, and this is a prime example of one of the funniest. 

8. High Terry

High Terry is the absolute best Terry. He has no filter, says the most ridiculous things and its the funniest two minutes of Terry the show has ever seen.

9. Boyle's Halloween Costume

We all have that one friend who goes super overboard whenever there are any kind of costumes involved. Charles Boyle is that friend.

10. Gina's Halloween Heist

The way Gina screws everyone over at the Halloween Heist is one of her best evil genius moments of all time. You have to fast forward the clip to get to the really good bit, but the way she pulls everything off is just hilarious.

11. Six Drink Amy

Six Drink Amy is definitely the funniest Amy. We all have that one usually sensible friend who goes completely wild after you get a few drinks in them. Amy Santiago is that friend.

12. Jake calls Holt Dad

Jake and Holt's father-son like relationship has always been one of the most endearing aspects of the show, and this moment, where Jake accidentally calls Holt Dad in a freudian slip moment, reveals a lot about their relationship and is also super funny.

13. Holt calls Jake out for his dirty locker

When Holt burns, he burns good.

14. The Nine Nine is Saved

I felt like I had to end this feature with this moment, because it's the moment when the Nine-Nine predicted their own future. The Nine Nine was almost shut down in the show, but saved because of an outpouring of online love and support, just as we saved them this week. Well done Nine-Niners!


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