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TV Review: Westworld (Season 2, Episode 4)


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The second season of Westworld seems to be firmly stuck in offering us flashbacks to better explain what is happening (or who are we kidding, confuse us even more). Where it does not help move the plot further along, it is still nevertheless good mini stories that expand on characters’ motivations.

It seems that the cave has an important, if yet unknown function, as its location is known by most of the self-aware hosts. This is also where William had left his father-in-law – or rather the host with the implanted memories of Jim Delos.

Delos’ cough that was accentuated over the last episodes turns out to be just as serious as foreshadowed, as his illness is part of the reason for most of his actions. He wanted to save his mind to a hard drive and put it in a new body.

With the benefits of owning a biotech company, and the developments of his recently acquired Westworld that is not impossible, but also brings about unexpected consequences. It is at the hands of Bernard and Elsie that Delos host 149 is terminated.

But that isn’t the only memory Bernard has of the place – before going there with Elsie, he had been there under orders of Ford to build a ‘control device’. This contraption is used to put a human mind in a host, something which will definitely continue making appearances in this season.

Despite the snail pace of the plot, the second season of Westworld promises and delivers more action. ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx’ is riddled with violence, starting with the less likely Bernard fighting against men in white coats, to Jim Delos repeatedly burning alive, to more obvious lead confederado Cradock creating terror all episode and finally getting what he deserves.

Unsurprisingly, the lady who made an appearance in the Imperial India-themed world is not just a random character. Emily, William’s estranged daughter, finally reunites with her father, after having to fight off a Bengal tiger from last episode.

While conversations between William and Jim show that William isn’t solely to blame for his wife’s suicide, it will no doubt be a tough reunion, in which they might have a chance to patch things up.

New episodes of Westworld arrive weekly on HBO in the US. Sky Atlantic simultaneously airs Westworld for UK audiences every Sunday at 2am, with repeat airings on Mondays from 9pm, and episodes available on NOW TV.

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