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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 24)


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With news of Fox cancelling Lucifer (an obvious mistake in my view), there is lots of bitterness in both watching the last episode and writing this review, mixed in with all the excitement of an explosive finale of a season, which wasn’t too bad but was definitely set back by awkward scheduling.

‘A Devil of My Word’ takes all the tense build-up of the previous episode and runs with it to its logical end, and a very satisfying conclusion, made ever annoying so by its cancellation. There’s a lot to unpack in this (hopefully not) last hour of Lucifer television!

Unsurprisingly, Maze is not dead and at last the storyline that has been brewing between her and Linda pays off, as despite all that talk of being a demon, all Maze really wants to do is protect her.

Meanwhile, the plot concocted by a grief-stricken Dan, Chloe and Lucifer, and helped by Ella is simple and unsurprising, but very effective and satisfying. Kevin Alejandro’s performance as a grieving Dan, who’s barely holding himself together, is nothing less than stellar.

The final showdown is beautifully orchestrated, and though it makes no secret of the fact that the power balance continues to be shifted towards Lucifer (despite being close to Chloe), the real tension lies in the mini-journey Chloe goes through from doubting, to tentatively believing, to seeing Lucifer’s devil face.

What’s more, the new concept that recent episodes have been toying with is incredibly interesting, and only now do we get a sort-of confirmation! Lucifer’s theory that angel wings, Pierce’s curse and his own devil face have been willed into existence through their own feelings of guilt or belief in being sacred, seems sacrilegious in religious terms, but not that far off concepts developed in other Gaiman works (Neil Gaiman co-created the original DC character).

Lucifer losing his wings and earning his devil face back seems direct foreshadowing to the darker Lucifer Tom Ellis has referred to in various interviews. That means he has been affected so much by the murder of Pierce that he felt he deserved his devil face back.

Finally, the episode ends on such a cliffhanger that it is physically painful to come to terms to the fact that as of now there will be no more episodes of Lucifer. Despite recent news of a two-hour special farewell, it still feels unreal that it is done so soon! Lucifer, you were gone too soon!

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