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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 23)


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Ever ironically so, the penultimate episode of Lucifer, ‘Quintessential Deckerstar’ goes back to basics, or at least tries to. With last week’s breakup between Chloe and Pierce looms in the background of the police station, Lucifer tries to go the good old ways of him and Chloe being simply partners – and fails gloriously.

Despite all the developments in the previous episode, Lucifer still hasn’t confessed, ever to the chagrin to the audience, as well as Linda. She calls him out, and tries to set him on the right path, but unsurprisingly he decides to do his own thing.

Meanwhile, the episode heavily features, and starts with Charlotte, who we finally see experience one of these bad dreams she referred to in previous episodes. This time, however, Dan is there as well, and it’s a no brainer to realise what will happen next.

The case that captures the minds of the cast this week heavily involves Charlotte. The wife of Forest Clay, a notorious player, has been killed in a freak accident, and Forest himself is one of the main suspects.

He has also had dealings with Charlotte in previous years, so while Chloe embarks on the investigation of the current murder, Charlotte goes back years. With the help of Amenadiel she gets a hold on old NDAs from her old firm, and finds out that he is in fact a serial abuser. Though she manages to stop him, she laments that she had helped

Meanwhile, an incredibly frustrated Chloe finally breaks and much to our relief admits what she has felt for Lucifer, prompting him to finally be honest himself. We don’t get to be happy for long. Before we can be too happy, Chloe gets a call that changes everything and really ups the stakes for the finale.

The last moments of the episode are massively shocking as we seemingly lose both Charlotte, a fairly new but never boring addition to the cast, and Maze, a unique presence since season one. While there seems to be no hope left for Charlotte (and it was indeed an end fitting to her), Maze’s death seemed cheap and anticlimactic.

With recent news that the show has been cancelled by Fox, it seems unlikely that the show won’t end on a cliffhanger, considering all the strings of events that were started in this episode, and have been brewing for the entire season. Here’s to the small hope that it does get picked up by other networks!

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