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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 21)


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This week’s Lucifer episode of the third season mostly functions as a setup for the finale in the upcoming weeks but still manages to be an interesting episode in its own right.

The murder of the LA prima ballerina, strangled with the ribbons of her own ballet shoes, takes Chloe and Lucifer (and Pierce) down the dark world of ballet in a case, which is unsurprisingly quite similar to the drama currently unfolding in the personal lives of the main characters.

As the title suggests, ‘Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better’ deals with the love triangle that has been forming for a while, but just because we could see it coming doesn’t mean that it was any better. The core of the show is the dynamic of Chloe and Lucifer, and threatening that feels jarring and pointless, since we all know it’s an empty competition.

Pierce’s characterization remains all over the place – though he is introduced as the world’s first murderer, with all the expected gimmicks to go with that, the Pierce we see in this episode is completely different.

Now he is a completely different man, looking to spend his life with Chloe – and while it makes sense that he is so changed, considering his one desire has been fulfilled, he hasn’t been around for long enough for the audience to get used to who he is to really feel the change.

Maze’s subplot on the other hand is what feels completely tragic – in pursuing her one and only goal, returning to Hell, she has destroyed whatever relationships and character she has built over three seasons. Despite all the sad moments in the episode, the saddest one is when Trixie cannot bear to look at Maze, and Maze obviously being affected but not knowing how to react.

The MVP of the episode, however, is definitely Charlotte, who, after a period of angst, following her initiation into the divine, gets recruited to find dirt on Pierce so that Chloe and Lucifer could get together, as God ordained.

While her bouncing back to her old ways seemed like a cheap trick a couple weeks ago, it’s even better now, as she continues to struggle and find her way through the complex world of good and bad.

She is currently sitting somewhere in the vast grey area of morality, while thinking she is working for the greater good, despite her obviously bad actions   - an interesting dynamic to explore in potential future seasons.

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