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TV Review: iZombie (Season 4, Episode 3)


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Last week, iZombie introduced us to an aspect of walled-off life – that people (zombie or not) will always try to escape, and very soon entire networks will surface to capitalize on that – and this week, we see the flip side.

‘Brainless in Seattle, Part I’ starts with a lady who is trying to get into Seattle, and it’s only when Liv eats what little is left of her brain after the police finds her body, do we learn why.

This episode neatly ties together the new reality of zombie Seattle into the case of the week, while not shying away from the costs of human trafficking and the way different characters react to that.

You have those who profit of it (Blaine, Don E and their little establishment), those who suffer from it but cannot do anything about, because they need the very structures that cause it (Major and Filmore Graves), the ones who get drawn into it through one case (Liv and Ravi), and the very rare ones who try to make things better for at least a few desperate enough to resort to that (Renegade).

It’s a surprisingly layered look at a very real problem for a detective show about a lady who eats brains.

While I’ll be the first to admit that Liv’s brain this week is not my favourite (a girl creeping on a guy who’s just lost his girlfriend is funny?), it does lead to a couple of genuinely funny moments, particularly the montage of Ravi’s makeover.

The scene where Liv tries to comfort Allan by telling him that all her boyfriends usually die hangs a lampshade over a big issue that the fanbase has had with the show.

Liv’s hopeless romantic brain, however, leads her down a road of potential clash, as she notices Dale Bozzio, Clive’s girlfriend cheating on him. While she is hell bent on telling him now that she’s on the brain, it remains to be seen what she’ll do once she’s off it.

Even though she’s only been around for a couple episodes, Renegade is proving to be a compelling character.

Though her interactions with Liv and Ravi have so far painted her in a positive, complex and realistic light, Graves’ information that she is actually one of those coyotes (zombie traffickers) who turns humans into zombies adds a layer of mystery to her. And with Blaine on her tracks now, Renegade will surely play an important role later on.

iZombie is available to watch on Netflix, with new episodes arriving every Tuesday.

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