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TV Trailer: Westworld (Season 2)


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“Look at this world, this beautiful world.” Dolores says, and the audience can’t help but oblige. The trailer to the second season of Westworld aired last night at the Superbowl, delivering on the cliffhanger season one left us. 

Sweeping panoramic shots of the iconic Western landscape dominate the viewers’ attention as the trailer for season two for Westworld debuted last night, featuring a beautiful, classical rendition of Kanye West’s “Runaway.”

Unnatural blue light steadily flashes against the haunches of a pack of black bulls as they charge against the backdrop of a hazy sunset – and that’s all it is: a backdrop. Guards pepper slow shots of gunfire at the bulls as the camera pans, revealing them to be animatronics.

As the chaos that season one ended on continues, the trailer treats us to a host of shots, one of them focusing on the dead guests that are still strewn in front of the saloon. A white coyote struts through the maze of their corpses. Guards pin down a bleeding robot. William tilts his hat down in the train. Dolores charges on the back of a horse. Maeve catches ashes, or snow, in her outstretched palm.

Along with the intrigue, comes new potential villains – a black masked gang is shown, as is a white, faceless robot that approaches Bernard from behind, and is seen shoving a human onto a wheel in another clip.

The show has so many questions to answer, and April 22nd can’t come soon enough to resolve them.

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