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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 13)


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This week’s Lucifer episode, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ shows us exactly where the show shines, which is taking classic TV clichés and subverting them in a way which we do not expect, but which do not leave us disappointed.

The previous episode had Pierce strike a deal with the Devil to die. Convinced that Pierce’s weakness would lead him to the killing method and determined to find it no matter what, Lucifer comes up with a couple of plans, including acting as his short-lived psychologist. The cherry on top, however, proves to be when he and Pierce have to go undercover – as a couple.

Faced with a particularly gruesome murder in a suburban neighbourhood, Chloe discovers a very tight knit community, which hides a malicious secret. To further investigate that, they need to go undercover.

The problem, however, is that Chloe has already been identified as the detective working the case so she can’t go undercover. So all our collective hearts were broken when we realised that this particular, well-loved cliché won’t be used. But we got something better.

Besides having two men be completely comfortable playing a couple (granted, one of whom an open bisexual) and it being not that big of a deal, this plot is great for another reason.

The dialogue between Lucifer and Pierce, who end up playing a couple prone to quarrelling, is written in a way that it carries a double meaning: both about their undercover work as a couple, and their deal to find a way to kill Pierce.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ also delivers on the cinematography of particular scenes – the Lucifer’s fight in a Korean bar, set against ‘Lucifer’ by KPOP band SHINee, and the montage of him being a bad neighbour are particularly good.

In the meantime, Maze runs into human Charlotte, and finds herself incredibly attracted to her. It takes her ruining Dan’s date with Charlotte to realise that it’s the smell of Hell on Charlotte that she is attracted to, and she doesn’t want to return to that. While this storyline is incredibly random, it doesn’t fail to entertain and remind us that Maze is still at her core a demon, but has gone a long way since the first season.

While an incredibly strong and entertaining episode on its own, exemplifying what Lucifer is best at, there is a worrying trend towards sidelining Chloe when it comes to her involvement in the plot. She remains unaware of Lucifer’s status as the fallen angel, and the other celestial beings. Even if she doesn’t learn of that soon enough (and she should, in my opinion), she needs to be more involved in the plot.

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