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8 TV shows for the easily frightened to watch on Halloween


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With Halloween coming up, we thought we’d put together a list of television shows that are perfect for those not so fond of the horror genre. So now you can celebrate Halloween without being afraid to turn off the lights!

Our list is a mixture of comedy shows you seriously need to watch and Halloween appropriate shows that won’t scare you silly. 

1. The I.T. Crowd

An old favourite recently added to Netflix, this show is sure to leave you crying from laughter. Combining the fantastic comedy skills of Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson and Richard Ayoade, The I.T. Crowd is undoubtedly one of the UK’s greatest comedy shows. 

It tells the story of Jen Barber who ends up running the I.T department at her new office after flagrantly exaggerating her skills on her CV. None too pleased with this new development, her two colleagues, Moss and Roy, initially try to get her fired. However, the group inevitably grow closer, with a surprising amount of chaos ensuing. 

While there are no specific Halloween episodes, we recommend watching 'The Haunting of Bill Crouse', where Moss accidentally tells the world that Jen is dead. Desperate to rectify this, she attempts to show people that she is alive, even going so far as to crash her own wake. Understandably people are terrified, and the hilarious 'haunting' scenes throughout are enough to bring you to tears.

2. Friends

A true classic, Friends is a show that never gets old. Exploring the lives of six friends and the ridiculous messes they make, this show offers a mixture of comedy, romance and drama. 

Though largely light-hearted, there are still pivotal moments which promise to make you feel all sorts of overwhelming emotions, so grab some tissues just in case.

Of course, no Halloween binge is complete without some special episodes, which is why we recommend watching the hilarious Halloween episode titled 'The One With the Halloween Party'. Terrible costumes, awkward encounters and the sight of a potato and a pink bunny arm wrestling are just some of the delights in store for you.

Friends is proof that older shows can still outshine modern television, and that cheap shots and fake laughter will never compete with good writing. 

3. Shameless US

Shameless is one of the few shows that has been successfully rebooted in the US. While so many others have flopped, Shameless US keeps going, with both a strong cast and well-written storylines. 

Much like the original UK version, the show follows the Gallagher family and their adventures and misfortunes. They are led by Frank, a drunk and rather useless father and Fiona, his eldest daughter, on whom it falls to look after the younger siblings. Amusing, outrageous and skilfully capable of tackling difficult issues in a responsible way, this is a show you do not want to miss! 

While there are no specific Halloween episodes, much of what goes on in the Gallagher house could be considered horror movie worthy, so take your pick of any episode and enjoy the antics of thus unruly family.

We recommend 'Frank the Plank', which, despite having no costumes, has a touch of Halloween to it. More trick than treat, we see Frank finally get taught a lesson in an epic prank as he finds himself hungover in Toronto with no idea how he got there. 

4. How I Met Your Mother

Funny, silly and lighthearted, How I Met Your Mother is always an enjoyable watch, especially when you don't have the energy to challenge yourself with something more absorbing, like Sherlock

Always full of fun storylines, close friendships and an amusing cast, it is a show that will immediately put you in a good mood, which makes it perfect for every occasion, especially Halloween. The Halloween episode entitled 'Slutty Pumpkin' is a must watch in the run-up to Halloween!

Ted once again struggles with an unsuccessful love life, hanging on to a dream to the annoyance of all his friends. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily team up in funny costumes, desperate to finally win an award, and Barney takes advantage of a holiday that is strangely perfect for his playboy antics.

5. Parks and Recreation

If you haven’t watched at least one episode of this show yet, your life is certainly the poorer for it! A brilliant comedy show brimming with talent, from the writers and directors to the incredible cast, Parks and Rec should be on everyone’s watch list. 

The show follows the lives of a select group of Indiana Parks and Recreation Department employees, led by an energetic and ambitious young woman called Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). While attempting to improve the lives of those living in the area and achieve more than previous officials, Leslie and her less enthusiastic colleagues get into all kinds of trouble. 

Both amusing and heartwarming, the show reminds us of the importance of friendship, perseverance and teamwork. Always managing to find a silver lining, Leslie will inspire you to be better, while other characters are great models for accepting yourself and ignoring the opinions of others. 

The episode entitled 'Meet 'n' Greet' is particularly funny and well suited for the occasion, as we see how Ben reacts to a Halloween party being thrown in his house without his permission. While Ben is dealing with this drama, Leslie is struggling with her own, as her efforts to stump for votes in the business community are sabotaged by Tom, who is more interested in promoting Entertainment 7Twenty.

6. Stranger Things

On a more Halloween-appropriate note, the second season of Strangers Things has just been released.

A fantastic show set in 1983, Stranger Things explores the mysterious appearance of a girl called Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) who can move things with her mind, and the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) - a local boy who isn’t known for trouble.

This show does have a monster (known by the characters as a Demogorgon), however, it is not particularly frightening. While there is  something undenialy creepy about it, and the upside-down world characters keep getting dragged off to, it is unlikely to stop you getting to sleep at night. As such, we have decided it can safely be added to the list.

7. Lucifer

A mixture of drama, science fiction and comedy, this hit show is sure to impress even the most sceptical viewers. 

The series explores the life of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) after he decides to leave hell and make a new home on Earth. Surprisingly, he decides to use his skills for good, helping solve crimes and punish people for their sins. 

Amusing, dramatic and exciting, Lucifer is a great Halloween watch for those who are looking for entertainment but don't want to be scared silly.

8. Preacher

Another supernatural show available on Amazon Prime, Preacher explores the similar issue of a sinful man and whether he can be redeemed. 

Jesse Custer is a preacher with some serious flaws, yet it is these human qualities that make him so likeable. A man who seems both oddly ill-suited to, and perfect for, the role of preacher, he makes the best he can of his position. 

Desperate to save the souls of those living in his corrupt town, he sees an opportunity and takes advantage in the hope that he might finally be able to make a difference. However this leads to trouble he never saw coming, and as a consequence, his town will never be the same again.

Bringing together complex characters with a talented cast and a refreshing storyline, it is unsurprising that the show is so successful. Wildly funny and occasionally dark, it is sure to leave you wanting more.

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