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10 Ideas for Halloween Fancy Dress Outfits Based on TV Shows


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Do you want to dress a little more creatively this Halloween? Are you bored of the generic cat ears, devil horns, and zombie costumes which look little different from your usual 9am lecture getup, bar the fake blood?

Then look no further than your favourite TV series’ for a whole host of costume ideas from both old classics and this year’s most popular shows.


 1. White Walkers

 From current TV sensation Game of Thrones, dressing up as the white walkers provides the perfect opportunity to don creepy contact lenses and try out the Halloween makeup tutorials you’re always seeing on facebook.

  2. Rick and Morty

 Another hit TV show for 2017 is Rick and Morty, and drinking from the bottle will only add to the authenticity of your role as Rick.

3. Scooby Doo Cast and the Mystery Machine

Easy to source clothes and instantly recognisable, this fun team outfit is perfect for you and your flatmates, or a group of five.

4. Daleks 

The Dr Who killer robots are one of the most enduring yet playful TV villains, and there are plenty of lightweight costumes available online if you don’t fancy spending the night a cluster of awkward home-made boxes.

5. Kang and Kodos (a.k.a the Aliens from The Simpsons)

Float up to the party straight from a Simpson’s Halloween special in full-body Kang and Kodos suits which are available online! Alternatively, this idea could provide a good excuse to get creative making tentacles, eyeballs and have fun using lots of bright body paint. You could even make a spaceship or UFO for you and your fellow alien friend.


6. Sideshow Bob

Also from The Simpsons, dressing as Sideshow Bob makes for a low-fuss outfit: an orange prison jumpsuit over a t-shirt inscribed with the famous ‘DIE, BART, DIE’, and of course lots of hairspray – at least either that or a wacky wig.

7. Stranger Things Wall

Instantly recognisable from the TV show rated in the top ten of 2017 by Rotten Tomatoes, the Stranger Things alphabet wall which Joyce uses to communicate with her missing son Will, is an original and surprisingly easy outfit to pull off. A white t-shirt, a marker pen, and some coloured fairy lights are all you need for this look – and you’ll light up wherever you go.

8. Bojack Horseman

The comedy hybrid horse/man makes for possibly the easiest TV-inspired Halloween outfit. Simply don the notorious horse head mask, and turn up as an anonymous Bojack for an extra layer of mystery.

9. The Cookie Monster

Comfy cookie monster onesies are widely available online and are a Halloween treat for those who like to spend time at the snack table at parties – preferably eating cookies.

10. Stuffed Olive

The famous Halloween outfit worn by protagonist Georgia in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging – a paper maché olive – is sure to impress your peers, as proven in the classic opening to the comedy series.

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