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11 times Tina Belcher spoke for all womankind


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It was recently revealed that the hilarious animated series, Bob’s Burgers, is set for the big screen with a feature length movie in 2010.

Since premiering in 2011, the Belcher family have stole our hearts with their quirky antics and big personalities. However, within this eclectic bunch is someone who can only be described as a voice for women; the feminist icon this world deserves. A woman we should all aspire to be.

Meet Tina Belcher.

Tina is 13 years old and the eldest of the Belcher children. She is a hopeless romantic with a passion for horses, zombies and butts. While she is probably the quietest of the zany Belcher clan, she is no doubt the most quotable, with one liners which should inspire all of womankind - and here’s why:

1. She believes in herself. Tina reminds us that sometimes we all need to stop and remember this important phrase.

2. She knows not to let male attention define her - she is her own woman.

3. When she used her Mommy Mummy halloween costume to show her respect to all the hard working mothers out there. 


4. When she asked the important questions so we didn’t have to.

5. She’s all about self love and inspiring others to be the same.

6. She shows us it’s okay to explore all of your options.

7. She oozes self confidence.

8. She knows what she’s good at and wants everyone to know it.  

9. When she showed us what Christmas was really all about:

10: She knows not to be afraid of her own sexuality and as such, she flaunts it freely. Right on.

11. She knows her good qualities and isn’t afraid to show them.

Tina truly is an inspiration to us all but as far as she’s concerned, she’s just like the rest of us.


Thank you for your words of wisdom Tina. You do you.


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