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8 Shows to binge-watch if you're feeling the freshers' blues


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Freshers' week is coming to an end for most universities across the country, and with it, thousands of wide-eyed, over-partied students are probably beginning to feel some of those first month freshers' blues.

Whether you're homesick, stressed or actually deathly sick with freshers' flu (it's a cruel rite of initiation that hits us all), we believe that TV is the best kind of medicine.

After a long, stressful week of freebie-hoarding, welcome talks and the overwhelming realisation that you're suddenly responsible for yourself, here are a couple of binge-watching suggestions to ease the pain and perk you up before (and possibly after) the first round of lectures hit.

The Office (US)

You might notice that this is just the start of a long thread of sitcoms, but honestly, who needs more drama during Freshers' week? Sitcoms are a quick-fire way to happiness and The US Office is the pinnacle of the genre.

While the UK version is more cynical and darkly humourous, the US version of The Office is light and fluffy - led by Steve Carell's lovable buffoon of a regional manager, Michael Scott. From Jim and Pam's romance to Dwight's increasingly manic schemes, the staff of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch are as funny as they are likeable. We'd suggest skipping straight to Season Two though, as that's when the series really comes into it's own. Season 5's 'Stress Relief' is perhaps the most iconic episode of all time - and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Parks and Recreation

Another sitcom, born from the success and format of The Office, Parks and Recreation is a joyous comedy series that will definitely improve your mood. 100% guaranteed, everytime. The town of Pawnee is host to some terrific characters, all of whom are funny in their own right. Leslie and Ann are total BFF goals. Andy and April are the most adorable, if slightly deranged, couple on TV. And then there's Ron fucking Swanson - a legend, if ever there was one. 

Comedy ensembles aren't always spot-on, but Parks and Rec is blessed with a genuinely funny and endearing group. Everything they do is golden. From their concerts for Lil' Sebastian, to Tom and Donna's 'treat yo self' days, it's just onscreen sunshine. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Everybody loves a good police procedural, but sometimes the dark, Scandi ones are just a bit too rough - especially if you're feeling a bit shit to begin with. That's where Brooklyn Nine Nine comes in - another genuinely funny watch that is sure to lighten your mood within just one 25 minute episode.

Like The Office and Parks and Rec, B99 has a stellar group of loveable misfits at its heart. From Jake and his fun-loving, wisecracking antics, to Captain Holt's poe-faced hilarity, Gina's sassy dance moves, Terry's love for yoghurt and Boyle's never-ending mishaps, it's just good fun from start to finish. The Halloween episodes, in which the 99 compete in brilliantly complicated heists, are among the best of them.

Bob's Burgers

Do you know what's better than normal sitcoms? Animated sitcoms. Sometimes, when things get super stressful, it can be easier to revert to simpler times; to times when we would wile away our days watching cartoons. And while there's nothing wrong with actually watching your fave childhood Disney films, adult cartoons are on another level. 

Bob's Burgers is perhaps one of the more underrated animated sitcoms in the UK, but it's still awesome. There's nothing better than taking a 20-minute break from the real world to join Tina Belcher in one of her erotic zombie butt fantasies. Or Louise in one of her diabolical schemes. Or, of course, Linda when she's bursting into song - which is always. (And we LOVE her for it.)


Community hits a little closer to home than the aforementioned sitcoms as it is based in an educational setting, following the exploits of a rag-tag group of adult students at a community college. Created by Rick and Morty's Dan Harmon, Community is a far too hidden gem of the genre, that is as crazy and bizarre as it is funny.

It's impossible not to fall in love with Troy and Abed's hijinks or to not laugh out loud at anything Senor Chang does. There are epic paintball fights, wonderful bottle episodes and some genuinely touching moments between the study group. It's as feel good as they come.

Gilmore Girls

If you want something with a little bit more drama, without being especially dark or depressing, Gilmore Girls is another good bet. There's family drama to boot in the Gilmore clan, but that doesn't take away it's feel good factor.

The coffee-fuelled day-to-day adventures of Lorelai and Rory are a lot of fun to follow and the town of Stars Hollow is a genuinely endearing place to escape to. You'll probably find yourself making a passionate investment in the girls' love lives, but other than that, it's a nice, mellow series to lose yourself in. A Year in the Life isn't as good as the original series, but it's there if you want it. 

Fresh Meat

If the rest of the series in this list are forms of escape, then Fresh Meat is just a very relatable reminder of your current and future realities as a student. Undoubtedly, you'll come across characters similar to ones you've met in real life - from the J.P.s to the Vods and the Howards. Every uni has them. 

Watching the ups and downs of other students in the same boat as you can be very cathartic - and the fact that the series is also hilarious only makes it better.

Peep Show

It's Peep Show. Brilliant, sardonic, hilarious... and irrefutably British. Because as light and fluffy as American comedy is, sometimes we need the kind of crude, self-deprecating humour that you can only find in Blighty to really make us feel better. 

When you're feeling down, you can trust Mark and Jez to bring you some laughs with their observational quips, insane antics and brilliantly sarcastic one-liners. Just watch the clip below for emotional catharsis. It works, I promise.

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