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10 Years of Gossip Girl: Why Serena was the WORST


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It’s officially been a decade since Gossip Girl began its reign of bitchiness, wealth and fashion. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t looked back since. But at this milestone, it feels like a good time to reflect on one of the show's leading characters.

With actress Blake Lively’s model looks, winning smile and long blonde tresses, Serena Van Der Woodsen was always going to be an 'It' Girl, as is made clear from the very beginning of Gossip Girl.

At the beginning of the series, we learn that she is a reformed bad gal and has returned to Manhattan to be Sweet Serena, an Upper East Side saint, slumming it with a Brooklyinite and being “so over” the glitz and glamour of her former life.

But unlike every other good character ever, instead of showing real character development throughout the show, Serena VDW literally spent six seasons going back to her pre-GG bitchy self. Compare that to Blair’s transformation from bitch-without-a-cause to bitch-but-only-with-good-reason, and you’ll see what I mean.

Since it was the focal point of everything Serena did, let’s talk about her love life. She was supposedly “in love” every other five minutes with some random character before pining for Dan or Nate once again, proceeding to ruin whatever else they had going on at the time.

Thank god she never sank her teeth into Chuck. But all’s well that ends well apparently, since Dan was the weird loser behind Gossip Girl - so them ending up together made perfect sense.

Her struggle to pinpoint what she wanted her future to look like completely missed the stage of being sad and endearing. I don’t know if I was supposed to sympathise or empathise with her having zero direction in life and changing her mind every other episode, but I never did. I feel like maybe it was meant to be relatable but it really missed the mark with me. The only thing she was consistently good at was being entitled and bratty.

Now, let's talk about her daddy issues. Definitely another example of the writers/producers trying to make Serena a relatable teen figure, but instead it made her even less likeable. Dr Van Der Woodsen was an asshole, no doubt about it, but Serena’s reactions were next level. Remember when she told everyone that Carter Baizen (ew) was stalking her – to the point that Blair and Dan filed a restraining order on her behalf – just because she was embarrassed that he knew the truth about her father not wanting to see her?

I’ve saved the best (well, worst) for last, guys. Tripp Van der Bilt. Since being a rich politician – and, let’s be real, almost certainly a republican - wasn’t enough to draw her in, he also had to be married. It was the millionth nail in the coffin for me. I can’t look at people with that weird plait-turned-ponytail hairstyle anymore without thinking of Serena putting the moves on her married boss and congressman.

Seriously, she had no business helping that campaign and then encouraging the equally disgusting Tripp to leave his wife. This, for me, was the moment that 'Sweet Serena' from Season one was pronounced dead.

And thank god, because even at her best, she was the absolute worst.

Gossip Girl: Seasons 1-6 are available to watch on Netflix.

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