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50 things to do instead of watching The Great British Bake Off


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Unless you're a Mexican flamingo who has had its head stuck in a pile of sand, you'll be very much aware that The Great British Bake Off is set to return to television screens up and down the land in just one week's time.

Now those of you of a nervous disposition may want to leave the room when I say this, but there are those out there who (and I say this with a deep calming breath), do not like Bake Off. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

For those less enchanted with the wonders of bread-baking and cake creation, here are a list of things you can do instead of watching GBBO:

1.  Draw a picture

2.  Look up the weather

3.  Read up on the news because lets be painfully honest, the world has bigger problems then the rise of bread dough

4.  Watch cat videos

5.  Look out the window and people watch (judge them for not being as productive as oneself)

6.  Go onto a buying channel and make a reckless impulse buy

7.  Do an IQ test

8.  Go food shopping

9.  Get back and discover an essential item has been forgotten, go back to the shop again

10. Buy an intellectual book. (War and Peace? Pfft, easy!)

11  Read the online synopsis and reviews of said book (e.g. War and Peace) and realise it's actually a hard read. Buy the TV adaptation

12. Binge on wine and chocolate

13. Text an old friend and arrange to meet up

14. Tinder

15. Go through photos online and clear out anything that you wouldn't want an employer to see

16. Create a LinkedIn profile

17. Update the CV

18. Job hunt 

19. Learn a language

20. Work on that essay/dissertation

21. Have a shower

22. Research summer holidays

23. Make a proper dinner for once

24. Scream into a pillow

25. Hit the gym

26. Do the washing

27. Start budgeting finances

28. Watch a film

29. Wrap and write Birthday presents

30. Read up on local events/exhibitions happening in the area

31. Watch Homes Under the Hammer

32. Look up local house prices and tell yourself you'll be renting forever

33. Play FIFA/Call of Duty

34. Go for a run

35. Tidy the house

36. Clean the bathroom

37. Stalk Facebook friends

38. Do a Facebook friend clear out

39. Send a well-crafted Tweet to a favourite celebrity

40. Create an awesome music playlist

41. Sleep

42. Look up ways to volunteer locally

43. Have a cup of tea

44. Make a paper plane

45. Learn the periodic table

46. Sleep again (gotta get those eight hours in)

47. (Attempt to) start a bullet journal

48. Revisit your teenage tumblr

49. Organise your wardrobe

50. Eat a cake - that you bought from a shop.

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