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TV Review: Colony (Season 2, Episode 7)


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“This isn’t a colony, it’s a death camp”. This week’s instalment, ‘Free Radicals’, certainly does not disappoint in bringing another pivotal revelation to this season’s Colony that turns the entire world on its head.

The opening scene was brutal and devastating, and certainly sets the tone for what’s the come, at least within the next hour.

We see the Resistance’s planning and actions, but rather than their mission feeling like a victory, it succeeds in establishing that the movement’s loyalty is to the cause, not to the people.

Loss of life is regarded as collateral, and only secondary to the primary objective of ending the Occupation.

This serves to nuance opinions towards what are essentially two factions of the LA bloc, the collaborators, and the Resistance. Neither are good nor bad, and thence Colony manages once again to not fall into the trap of overdone plots, but rise above the temptation of ethical convenience and embrace instead moral complexity.

Clear parallels are constructed between Frankie and Maya, and both ultimately face the same fate, though in significantly different ways. Though Maya used the same tactics as Frankie in manipulating Bram to fulfil her objectives, Maya’s success and sacrifice make her arc more heroic than Frankie’s could have been. Maya was a woman of action, willing to give her life for the cause, whereas Frankie put others out to work whilst herself staying out of the direct conflict.

Whether Maya’s actions earn her the title of hero is debatable, but she did accomplish something. We cannot yet know how large an impact this will have on the Raps’ overarching mission, and maybe we will never find out, but considering how concerned Snyder and Nolan were with the shipment’s successful delivery to their Hosts, there will undoubtedly be serious repercussions to the camp Resistance’s actions.

The ship’s explosion in itself is a powerful symbol that though the authorities may be making life more claustrophobic than ever, the rebellion is working, and is having an effect. Its spectacular destruction above the LA bloc, for all those to see, will undoubtedly strike both fear and hope in the hearts of its residents.

After last week saw Will and Katie teaming together, Katie now returns to her corner and turns to Broussard for help with the file stolen from her sister. Will is finally made to face the horrors and violence perpetuated against civilians and dissenters by those in power, in the name of peace and stability.

But whereas Will is horrified by physical violence, Katie understands that in many ways, the dogmas of the Greatest Day are the bloc’s biggest threat. It’s therefore when she sees Maddie blindly promoting the movement that she decides to take up Broussard’s request to re-join the cell. Katie returning to the Resistance will bring back to Colony a flavour lost since the end of last season.

‘Free Radicals’ is a first for Colony in suddenly revealing important and previously concealed facts about the world of the Occupation. The recordings taken from the drone hive by Broussard’s team match the audio overheard during the Apollo 10 mission, which we witnessed in a flashback some episodes ago.

Both recordings have an embedded countdown in their audio; the Apollo recording was counting down to the day of the Arrival. Broussard’s expert reveals that today’s recording is counting down to an event set to occur two years, three months, and nine days from now.

Paired with the team’s findings regarding the falling curve of the bloc’s number of prisoners being sent to the Factory versus time, the conclusion they come to is that the countdown reveals how much longer the bloc has left before its population becomes zero.  

This of course leaves many questions unanswered and raises new ones, but this episode is nonetheless the closest Colony has come to info-dumping. As we’ve passed the mid-point and are now counting down to the season finale, ‘Free Radicals’ is a connector episode for the major story arcs that have been developed thus far, and promises more thought-provoking developments to come.

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