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6 TV shows that should return (and scrap their finales) like Will and Grace


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It has recently been revealed that the much loved sitcom Will and Grace is set to return to our screens - but not quite in the same way it left.

In its final episode, Will and Grace depicted its two title characters both happily married to their respective spouses and bringing up children of their own. However, the new series is planning on essentially pretending that the finale never happened and will instead revert to the storyline of earlier episodes, following Will and Grace’s hilarious exploits in their tiny flat in New York.

In honour of the show's return - and it's finale blasting revelation - we look back at some other much loved series which could easily return and delight fans with just a small lapse in memory. Spoilers (and infuriating reminders of painstaking finales) to follow!

1. How I Met Your Mother

When How I Met Your Mother ended in 2014, it was widely slated by fans for having a deeply disappointing finale that essentially wasted entire seasons worth of character development.

By scrapping the mother’s death and ignoring Ted essentially asking his children’s permission to date Robyn, again, the show could easily return and have another, better attempt at an ending that doesn’t let the previously loved show down.

2. Two and a Half Men

Fans were particularly unhappy when Charlie Sheen’s character was crushed to death with a grand piano which just happened to fall out of a helicopter in the show's finale.

It was later revealed that this untimely ending for Charlie was due to the actor falling out with the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. However, years later, the hatchet has surely been buried and Charlie could make a miraculous reappearance to continue the once hilarious series.  

3. Dexter

Rather than killing off the lead character as many had expected, the finale saw Dexter undertake a fairly dramatic career change and become a lumberjack in Miami.

While this does technically mean the show could be renewed without ignoring any of its elements, considering the animosity the finale attracted at the time, it may regain more fans if the entire episode was ignored and Dexter returned with Hannah and young Harrison in tow. 

4. Only Fools and Horses

After years of financial struggle, Rodney and Del Boy finally became millionaires in the last series, only to have the money ripped away from them in the final few episodes of the show.

Having followed the brothers for seven series, seeing their dream ripped away was a far cry from the usual tone of the show. They truly deserved the money, and if the show were to return, it would be just as funny watching their exploits as (long-lasting) millionaires.  

5. Roseanne

Roseanne was lauded by audiences as one of the first honest portrayals of a working class family struggling to get by. However, the finale undid much of this hardwork by revealing that the entire final series had been invented by the title character to cope with other events - most notably Dan suffering a fatal heart attack. 

By scrapping the revelations of the finale, not only could Rosanne and Dan return to our screens, but the writers could have a second chance at creating an ending that will do the show justice. 

6. Dinosaurs

Easily the most depressing finale on the list, beloved children’s TV show Dinosaurs ended in 1994 by leaving its characters to freeze to death as the ice age began.

Alongside undoing the trauma suffered by thousands of young children, ignoring this finale would allow this unique and very funny family to return and delight an entirely new generation.


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