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South Park at 20: Randy Marsh's Finest Moments


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On 13th August 1997, South Park aired on TV for the first time. Now 20 years on, the show is still going strong - having grown in success as a result of its controversy and crude humour.

Over the years, the show has had some truly great characters. The foul-mouthed Eric Cartman and the somewhat confused Mr (/Mrs) Garrison are a couple of prime examples, not to mention the show’s countless celebrity impressions - all as ridiculously funny as each other.

There is, however, one character who has grown into an unlikely fan favourite as the years have gone on: Randy Marsh.

Randy, who is the dad of Stan Marsh, has grown in popularity mostly thanks to his outrageous antics throughout the show’s twenty seasons. 

So to celebrate this much loved character, and the show's 20th anniversary, here are a handful of Randy Marsh’s finest moments. Naturally, the following videos are crude, NSFW and potentially offensive, so watch at your own risk!

1. When Randy was Lorde (#REHASH)

Whilst South Park has had some hilarious depictions of celebrities over the years, none have been quite like the show’s take on pop sensation Lorde. Instead of producing the usual exaggerated impression, a number of episodes in Season 18 saw Randy as the singer’s true identity after discovering he has a pretty good singing voice with the help of a mobile app.

The highlight of all this was in the episode #REHASH when Randy reluctantly agrees to perform as his famous alter ego despite knowing that, without his electronic equipment, he cannot sing properly. In an attempt to win over the crowd, who begin to boo the performance, Randy follows the advice given to him by his producer and decides to ‘expose himself’. This, unfortunately, only makes things worse.

2) When Randy became a chef (Crème Fraîche)

During a very stressful time in his life, at the end of Season 14, Randy became obsessed, and strangely aroused by, cooking.

In pursuit of succeeding in his new hobby, Randy set up Cafeteria Fraîche and took part in a cooking competition with a woeful Jamie Oliver and a somewhat suspect looking Gordon Ramsay.

Before finding another way to relieve his stress come the episode’s end, Randy managed to come up with a pretty catchy opening for what would have been his cooking program.

3) When Randy gave himself a little bit of cancer (Medicinal Fried Chicken)

Over the years, Randy has perhaps taken some things too far - his faked alcoholism being just one example. He took things to the ultimate extreme however when he realised that if he gave himself cancer, he would legally be allowed medicinal marijuana.

With the results of his efforts being far greater than he expected, Randy soon got many of South Park’s townsfolk following in his incredibly flawed footsteps.

4) When Randy saw a Spooky Ghost (Over Logging)

South Park was devastated when it lost access to the internet in Season 12. But none were more affected than the deprived Randy who decided to head out “Californee way” in search of the web.

When he was finally given limited access at one of the country’s newly set up ‘internet refugee camps’, Randy was unsatisfied with the 40 seconds each family was given and decided to seek out more. After sneaking into a trailer and doing a significant amount of ‘web-surfing’, Randy found himself caught by the authorities and his family, covered in, what he swore, was ectoplasm from “spooky ghost”.

5) When Randy sacrificed himself in World of Warcraft (Make Love not Warcraft)

The World of Warcraft craze that hit South Park back in Season 10 saw Randy become curious at what Stan and his friends were spending so much time doing indoors. Wanting to get in on the action, and determined not to be an “r-tard”, Randy made a WoW account and found himself hooked.

Randy, however, ended up making the ultimate sacrifice for his son by giving his life in order to stop the troublesome troll. Well, in the game at least anyway. Nonetheless, Randy’s dying speech is one of his most heartfelt, if not awkward, moments.

6) When Randy thought this was America (The Losing Edge)

Speaking of doing things for his kids, Randy, as many supportive dads would, made the effort to support Stan and the boys during all of their baseball games.

Randy, however, took his support too far by starting fights in the crowd at nearly all of the games he went to. These brawls ended with Randy being taken away, bleeding and cuffed by the police.

This led Randy to questioning the freedom in his country and the right to protect himself, exclaiming “I thought this was America!” each time he’s dragged away...even when he’s in Mexico.

7) When Randy went on Wheel of Fortune (With Apologies to Jesse Jackson)

No one will ever forget Randy's infamous appearance on the game show Wheel of Fortune back in Season 11.

After making his way to the show’s bonus round, and being broadcast live to millions around America, all Randy had to do to win was guess the right word for the phrase “people who annoy you”.

Convinced he knew the solution but unsure whether to say it, Randy took a gamble and confidently gave his answer. It was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Hopefully as the show continues into its 21st season later this year, we will be treated to a whole lot more of South Park’s most loveable fool.

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