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Love Island winners Kem and Amber’s best moments


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It's been the hottest reality show of the summer and last night Kem and Amber - aka Kember - were crowned the winners of Love Island 2017. 

Things haven’t been plain sailing for these two. Over the past seven weeks they’ve been on and off, had their eggs in other people's baskets and faced some difficult decisions.

When it came down to the crunch though, Kember proved love conquers all and they stuck by each other. 

These are some of their best - and by best we mean their cutest, funniest and silliest - moments.


How can anyone forget the moment when Kem playfully threw a pillow at Amber and she burst into tears? It was the over-reaction of the series.

That date with all those chickens

Love Island dates are either incredibly lavish affairs (think drinking champagne on a superyacht) or they look like they were planned at the last minute with a budget of about €20.

Kem and Amber having a picnic in what was essentially a chicken coop was up there with one of the less exciting and more bizarre date locations.

When Kem whipped out an infinity bracelet

Kem proved he really did come to the island looking for love when he whipped out an infinity bracelet he’d brought all the way from home and gave it to Amber.


This was a heartwarming moment and a defining point in their relationship - albeit a little bit weird because, honestly, who actually pre-plans something like this?

When Kem came back from Casa Amor with Chyna

I can still feel the tension.

Kem looked full on chuffed with himself as he strolled into the villa hand in hand with Chyna like everything was completely normal.

Meanwhile, Amber was fuming - cue that dramatic intake of breath - but luckily had managed to not get dumped from the island as she’d already taken the safe choice to couple up with Nathan. Phew.

That next-level scavenger hunt Kem created for Amber

Possibly one of the most over the top ways to ask someone to be your girlfriend but this was by far one of the cutest Kember moments.

Georgia making a very controversial choice to couple up with Kem

This was an iconic moment and absolute TV gold.

Georgia had only been in the villa five minutes before she announced she wasn’t going to play it safe and then chose to couple up with Kem.

Let's all take a moment to thank the Love Island lords for Georgia’s bolshy move, because if it wasn’t for her Amber wouldn’t have reacted so hilariously and this gif would never have been born:


Their night in the hideaway

Captain Kem was pretty excited for his night away in the hideaway with Amber and for some reason decided to test out different sex positions on the bed beforehand.

Unfortunately, he banged his head from too much bouncing around.

A funny moment in itself, but made funnier by the fact Kem was partially dressed as a sailor of some sort.

This cracking moment is amount 50 seconds in:

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