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Every reason why Chris and Kem's bromance is the best relationship in the villa


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Chris and Kem came to the island as two single guys looking for love (and possibly a few extra Instagram followers), and while they're both leaving with a girlfriend they've also bagged themselves a bromance for life. 

It's their relationship that has been one of the biggest talking points of Love Island 2017, and let's not lie we all secretly wish they could just couple up and win together.

Their bromance is the best and most genuine relationship in the villa - by miles - and here are all the reasons why.

1. They rap together.

Chris and Kem are lyrical geniuses, their rapping is incredibly entertaining, but the best thing by far is how they incorporate rapping into their daily lives and the way they take it so seriously. These are just some of their rapping highlights:

When Kem allowed Chris to have one line in his and Marcel’s rap just so he didn’t feel left out was a little bit cute.

And when they were in Casa Amor and their conversation turned into an impromptu-rap, like rapping was their second language, was one of the best moments of the series.

2. When they painted each other's initials on each other using nail varnish.

This was one of the early signs of their blossoming bromance and the start of everyone's obsession with the pair.

3. How they made sure their nails were always matching.

Seriously, Chris and Kem’s relationship is clearly the most genuine one in the villa and the care they have for each other is heartwarming.

4. Taking it to the next level and shaving each other's initials into their pubes.

For some, this would be a step too far but their bromance is so strong that no step is too far for these cheeky chaps.

5. They shower together and rap at the same time.

It’s not just showering it’s another opportunity to rap.

6. Their adorable spooning sessions.

Chris and Kem’s afternoon spoon sessions look so snuggly and cosy.

7. When they tried to create a secret code word.

They tried to come up with a word to replace 'muggy' so they could discuss other islanders without them clocking on to their conversation. They debated using 'rooster' or 'flannel' but 'shed' was their best suggestion, e.g. "you're being sheddy, mate", or, "he's such a shed".

When you're trying to create secret code words to communicate with each other you know you're besties for life; also, ‘sheddy’ is a term that definitely needs to catch on.

8. Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, when they met each other's mums.

This was so emotional and if you didn't cry I'm sorry but you haven't got a heart.

Their relationships with girlfriends Amber and Olivia might fizzle out but one thing is for certain, Chris and Kem are going to best friends until they're old and grey.

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