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The definitive ranking of every single Love Island contestant


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Love Island fever has officially gripped the nation. From Stormzy to Adele, everyone’s talking about the hit ITV show. Even Jeremy Corbyn’s admitted he’s backing Marcel to win (great choice, Jez).

The reaction to a gaggle of over-toned and over-tanned young singletons copping off with one another on telly has been off the scale.

Although there were series in 2015 and 2016, it’s Love Island 2017 that’s got people’s tongues wagging and eyes popping. This year’s saucy shenanigans have been far too juicy and the drama has been non-stop, that people simply can’t get enough.

We've created a definitive ranking of the current islanders. .Yes, the minute there's a vote off or they send in more people this list will be slightly off-squiff but you can enjoy it nonetheless. 

From 1 to 14, here's who we're loving and who we're hating...

1. Montana

Photo credit: Montana official Facebook page 

Montana is truly inspiring. She snacked her way through the first few weeks before bagging the fittest guy, the hunky personal trainer Alex, and is honestly living her best life.

Everytime one of the girls is sad, she swoops in to cheer them up with her Montana wit and straightforward thinking. Seriously, everyone deserves a best friend like Montana. 

2. Camilla

Camilla has become a national icon, up there with scones and swans. We were all rooting for her and Jonny until he cruely trampled on her heart.

However, she's picked her self up, carried on gracefully and is now glowing. Such a gentle soul, Camilla's become iconic - by being so classy and understated. She deserves to win purely because she has no idea how lovely she is. 

3. Marcel


Photo credit: ITV

If any islanders are feeling unlucky in love or just missing home, Marcel’s there in a heartbeat.

He’s always on hand with his words of wisdom, telling it straight and never beating around the bush. Somebody give this man a PhD. in counselling and a book deal pronto.

4. Chris 

Photo credit: ITV

His relationship with Olivia might be rocky but Chris’ rap career is soaring to new heights. To be honest, I’m a bit dubious as to whether he arrived to the island looking for love or for a record deal off Marcel.

When he first walked in the villa, he was far too cocky and frankly a little bit weird - let’s not forget that time he told Chloe he was a polar bear. Now that he’s settled in, he’s done a complete 360. Everyone loves him (apart from Olivia), as he’s funny, charming and incredibly sincere.

5. Gabby

Photo credit: ITV

Giving off Baby Spice vibes, Gabby bounces around with this infectious sense of fun. Together, she and Marcel are the power couple of the villa, think more Richard and Judy than Kanye and Kim though. 

6. Kem

A post shared by Kem (@kemcetinay) on

There are so many things that make Kem great, far too many to list. Not only did he do a full on treasure hunt for Amber to ask her to be his girlfriend, but it's also his blossoming bromance with Chris that's the best in the villa by far. 

The thing that's got me transfixed though is his hair. What shampoo does he use? How is it so luxurious, shiny and soft looking? We need answers. 

7. Alex

Photo credit: ITV

Okay, his position might seem quite high, since he's barely spoken a word, but he makes Montana happy and that’s good enough for me.

8. Amber  

A post shared by Amber Davies ✨ (@amb_d) on

Amber’s like Marmite - you either love her or hate her. She comes across very excitable, which can be irritating at first, but honestly she’s just immature.

Whether you like her or not, you can’t deny she’s provided the best facial reactions of the series.

9. Jamie

Photo credit: ITV

As Kem pointed out, Jamie looks a bit like Jesus. If Jesus was a muscular Calvin Klein model with a deep, husky voice, that is. 

He’s the type of person you can imagine has a library in his house and a well stocked wine cellar. He’s essentially everything you could want in a man and then some more.

10. Tyla

Photo credit: ITV

Tyla’s been in the villa for a while now, but we haven’t really seen her having fun and I think that’s because Jonny’s holding her back. 

Since Theo’s entered, she’s become more lively and seems to be relaxing and enjoying her time in the villa far more.

However, until boring Jonny is given the boot, I don’t think she’s going to be her full self, which is a shame as she comes across quite feisty.  

11. Theo

Photo credit: ITV

All he does is wind Jonny up, which, yes, makes great viewing and is well needed karma, but it gets a bit tiring after a while. He’s just tall and hates Jonny, there’s nothing more to him. Seriously, where's his personality??

12. Georgia

Photo credit: ITV

Is this woman a magician? She managed to wear the tightest ¾ length cotton shorts and somehow managed to avoid having cameltoe.

Forget Gok Wan, Georgia needs a fashion segment on This Morning, once she leaves the villa (which will probably be quite soon given all she does is walk about pouting). 

13. Olivia

She spends her whole time either yelling at Chris or pulling faces of disapproval about his ‘behaviour’. Chris could sneeze and Olivia would find it too much and need space from him instantly. 

For some reason, she only seems to like Chris when he’s being mean to her and can’t stand that he’s being nice to her, or anyone else for that matter. Please, just go home. 

14. Jonny

Photo credit: ITV

Everyone thought he was Camilla’s knight in shining armour, but it turns out he’s just a self-centered toss pot.

He broke things off with Camilla and snogged the face off Tyla in the exact same minute, which is just nasty. 

He’s about as much fun as a poke in the eye, which is probably why Tyla is starting to realise she’s not really that into him. He needs to quit sulking in the corner and accept that he can't always get his way. 

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