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TV Review: Wentworth Prison (Series 5, Episode 6)


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There’s nothing like starting an episode with a dentist scenario to immediately unsettle the mood and create the feeling of unease and uncertainty. The theme of teeth ran throughout this week's episode of Wentworth, and the uneasiness didn’t stop either.

For weeks now, we’ve known Ferguson is up to something. Last series she started manipulating guard officer Jake - now she is increasing the stakes by asking him to move in with Vera so he can make her vulnerable and take her down.

In doing so, and having Jake fulfil the role of Governor, Ferguson thinks she will be able to reclaim her old position. How she’s going to become Governor after becoming an inmate herself I do not know, but I suppose her mental instability is as good an explanation as any - and we all know Ferguson will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Usually extremely private and quite anti-social, it’s not surprising that Vera hates birthdays. With her latest milesone coming up, she wants to keep it quiet. By getting her to open up about her mother’s emotional abuse, we all know that this is Jake’s way of moving into both Vera's house and her heart.

The dramatic irony of this situation is awful, having watched four series in which Vera has been contantly demoralised or manipulated. It’s hard not to feel sorry for her, although she is much stronger than series one. By being more emotionally available to Jake, she is ultimately making herself much weaker. I’m not looking forward to whatever downfall is facing Vera in the upcoming weeks.

It’s not all depressing however, as under the influence of Sonia, Boomer shows off another skill which isn’t violent. Sonia places her in charge of creating a new prison garden. When it comes to lighting, Boomers DIY skills are above average. Although the prison garden isn’t that impressive, illustrated by the awkward silence from the other women, it is great to see Boomer succeeding and no longer moping around.

However, this is still Wentworth Prison and this week was arguably the most gruesome yet, with the shock factor going off the scale. After losing a tooth, Juice is in constant pain throughout the episode. However, that does not stop her from sexually attacking a new inmate. Stopped by Franky, the other women call for Kaz to punish Juice, using violence against the predator. Kaz’s morals remain strong against the demand. 

Unfortunately, this gives Ferguson the opportunity to take matters into her own hands. Before the dentist can come in and fix Juice’s tooth, Ferguson enters the medical room in her own dentist gear. If you had forgotten why Ferguson was dubbed ‘The Freak’ in the first place, this scene serves as a horrific reminder. Instead of removing teeth, Ferguson removes Juice’s entire tongue.

I’m not usually one to shy away from violence on TV, but this moment actually had me hiding behind my hands. In any other situation, it would have been good to watch Juice finally get taken down, but this was truly horrifying. I could bearly compute the significance of this moment - that of, Juice being removed from any position of power

Finally taking Juice down, Ferguson manages to change her reputation in the prison. No longer enemy number one, the women greet her with chants of ‘top dog, top dog’, much to Kaz and Vera’s horror. The Freak is back in power, and arguably the Top Dog has more control than the governor. Wentworth is no longer safe from the influence of Ferguson. 

Now that Ferguson is back in charge, with Jake firmly under her control, things are not looking great for Vera. She's been a target for Ferguson for a few series now and the longer she waits to implement her revenge, the more dangerous Vera's situation becomes. 

Wentworth Prison airs on Sundays at 10pm on 5Star.

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