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TV review: iZombie (Season 3, Episode 4)


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In this week's dose of brains, Wag the Tongue Slowly shows the relationships between characters deepening and developing, as clocks tick away from too many instances of borrowed time.

The show doesn’t forget about any of the details, nor any potential plot points - often coming back to them, even when the audience forgets about it. The details that sneak in each episode expand the picture of each character, making them seem more realistic and well-rounded than any sort of drama would. For example, Ravi wakes up at midday during weekends, and plays mindless games to get over his heartbreak.

Liv, on the other hand, refuses to sugar-coat facts when she's caught up in the drama between her two best friends. Instead, she dishes out truths in a way that’s too reminiscent of the way your best friend should act when you are doing something stupid and can’t stop.

This week, Liv takes on the brain of a gossip queen; a frankly intolerable, yet extremely competent saleswoman who doesn’t have any shortage of enemies. The case is actually more interesting than usual (with the standard cases being quite good to begin with), full of twists and turns, which often come as surprises, that also make sense.

The more information Clive and Liv obtain, the more it becomes clear that the case is actually a series of unfortunate events, which originated from a prank gone terribly wrong. It seems a missed chance, however, that Liv doesn’t even come close to endangering the zombie secret while on gossip girl brain.

Ravi’s actions from the previous episode leave consequences he is not ready to accept yet, falling into a self-deprecating state. He’s sad and feeling sorry for himself, but it still seems hard to sympathise with him.

The other two sides of the love triangle, Peyton and Blaine, aren’t doing so well either. The episode opens with Blaine who still doesn’t remember anything, as unsurprisingly the serum doesn’t work immediately.

Though he has taken the serum, he definitely doesn’t want to regain his memories. Peyton on the other hand is torn between the two results; she wants to keep the current Blaine, but also wants a working cure for Liv and Major. The relationship between the two is tense enough even without the romantic undertones, and sometimes they even hinder the emotional impact that their scenes would otherwise have.

Meanwhile, Major’s state gets worse and worse. Since the serum for memory recovery doesn’t work (yet), he has to face the fact that soon he will have to choose between death and living on without any memories. He has to leave for a mission soon, so Ravi leaves him a syringe with the cure that causes memory loss but will definitely save his life. It’s starting to look like Major will definitely need it soon, but of course, it won’t be that easy.

When he finally finds Natalie (the girl he promised to save last season) after a long stakeout, careful planning, and the right amount of recklessness, there’s nothing he can do to save her from her captors, except leave the syringe with her. The last shot of him in this episode is going into a mission, cure-less and in a constantly worsening state of being.

Although this episode continues the needless romantic subplot between Peyton, Ravi and Blaine, it finally looks like things will settle down at last. It would do the series well to concentrate on cases of the week and the ever-deepening main plot, rather than trying to build up trite romantic tension between characters that have little chemistry.

The characters already have enough history and bad blood between them as it is, without sudden and drawn-out romantic plots.

New iZombie episodes are available on Netflix every Wednesday. 

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