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TV Teaser: Doctor Who


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The new Doctor Who series ten teaser features the Doctor's new companion, Bill, stating that, instead of having amazing superpowers like most great heroes, the Doctor has an extra heart.

These words echo the sentiment the showrunner Steven Moffat expressed in a beautiful quote on the nature of the Doctor's (super)heroism. Moffat explained that the Doctor was given scientific tools, a box from which to call for help and two hearts rather than nifty powers or machines of war when he was created.

These words of Moffat's, and now of Bill's, strike into the heart of what this silly little show is all about.

We don't need people with guns and people of violence to be our heroes: we need people of wisdom, insight and compassion to fill that role. Moffat stated that our culture's heroes tell us who we want to be, and the nature of the Doctor's heroism makes one feel optimistic about what our culture values.

There are still plenty of heroes like the ones Moffat and the Doctor disdain, but as Moffat said: "There will never come a time when we don't need a hero like the Doctor." This teaser seems to suggest that series ten will continue to echo and emphasise this noble sentiment.

The tenth season of the long-running show is set to premiere on Saturday, April 15th. 

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