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Why you need to watch the Netflix series You Me Her


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You Me Her is an American series available exclusively on Netflix for UK viewers.

It centres on a married couple, Emma (Rachel Blanchard) and Jack Trakarsky (Greg Poehler, brother to writer and actress of Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler), who hire escort/college grad Izzy (Priscilla Faia), to spice up their sex life.

But in a surprising twist of fate, they end up falling in love with her, forming a three-way romantic relationship that brings with it an abundance of complications.

The series' advertisements may make it seem like a crude lesbian porno, but it’s far from that. It is in fact the first TV comedy series to focus on and seriously talk about a polyamorous relationship (that is, a romantic relationship that involves more than two people).

It is a subject that is hardly known about, let alone talked about, perhaps with the exception of a few documentaries and indie films. There has definitely never before been a mainstream comedy that deals with the subject so casually and humorously and with the respect it deserves.

Sex is certainly a part of the conversation, but it is never shown explicitly - nothing compared to what we see on shows like Game of Thrones - and it is not the basis of the show; it delves much more into serious feelings and the obstacles the three have to face living in a typical suburban neighbourhood that judges anything that's not ‘normal’.

Since this is, after all, a comedy, there are some hilarious consequences to their arrangement, thanks to some overly nosey neighbours and a brilliantly funny scene including weed and a karaoke machine. Although their relationship is mocked by their peers, this is an inevitable reaction in the town they live in and most of the jokes are actually funny instead of offensive. 

Queer representation is hard to find at the best of times, and polyamorous relationships are as rare as unicorns in the world of social media and TV; the closest thing to representation they have is the sexual fetishism of threesomes. You Me Her is a step in the right direction, taking what was previously a taboo topic and handling it with dignity, raising awareness and inclusivity, while providing some laughs along the way.

Series two is currently showing in the US and should hopefully be coming to Netflix UK soon. Plus, it has already been renewed for series three - so now is the perfect time to get started. 

Stream all ten episodes of the first series on Netflix now.

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