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The Sunshine Makers documentary offers a thrilling look at the history of LSD


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When people think of LSD they tend to think of the 1960s, the decade the chemical compound was made famous by young people across the world trying to make change.

Two people who realised the “consciousness-raising power” of LSD, and did everything in their power to get the drug to as many people as possible, were Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully.

Now the story of these two underground chemists is being told through feature documentary The Sunshine Makers.

Together Nick and Tim produced huge quantities of Orange Sunshine acid, and even managed to get it to soldiers on the front lines.

“It’s a great film,” Amanda Feilding, the Beckley Foundation founder, told us. Amanda’s son Cosmo Feilding Mellen is responsible for the documentary. “Great steaming cauldrons of LSD, and they’re doing it with the best motives in the world.

“They’re two sets of completely opposite personalities – with Tim Scully being this, sort of, asperger’s genius, but determined, having had this experience, that this thing will change the world.”

The film hits iTunes and cinemas across the US on January 27, and while there’s currently no release date for the UK, Amanda said we can expect The Sunshine Makers to find its way on to Netflix.

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